Wow, I am blessed! Of all the websites there is in the world, you got into my blog, thank you! I’m happy to have you here. Call me Nilyn. A mom who tries to balance work, life, parenting, and sanity!

Originally started as an online journal where I write my journey as a first time mom to my son, a wife to my husband and a WAHM, this blog now aims to be a venue for information, encouragement and positive vibes to all busy moms around the world, just like me. We all know the struggle is real! It’s a chaotic and schedule-filled life, isn’t it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Why “Above Precious Rubies?”

I don’t know either! This name was made a few years back, when I still had no idea how important blog domains are! LOL! But Above Precious Rubies is inspired by a chapter in the bible (Proverbs chapter 31 verses 10-31). In this chapter, a virtuous woman is described; what she does to keep her household well maintained. In return, her husband and children honors her for everything she’s done.


I’m not saying that I am a perfect and a virtuous woman but that’s what I hope I would become as I learn the wonders of motherhood and marriage everyday. I want to be an inspiration to other women, an epitomy of woman a positive outlook in life.

What to expect on my blog:

Our children are everything to us, and no matter how difficult life can get, their smiles are always worth it! Here, you’ll have a piece of our lives – my parenting experience, my marriage, my son, Nate, and our journey together. I am an ordinary mother, never all-knowing, so whatever I learn which I think is shareable, I will share it here with high hopes it can also help other moms out there, as much as it helped me!

How frequently do I post?

I post fresh contents no less than twice a week. Sometimes, it would be about a summary of my thoughts and life dramas, my loved ones, anything about our lives which I think are worth-documenting and looking back a few years after. Aside from these, I also post product, restaurant or website reviews, marriage/relationship-related blogs, mommy-finds, and any compelling ideas from time to time.

I may not have all the right answers and ideas but I will always share things that I think are engaging and helpful. I am no expert. Some of my tips may not work for other moms, and some may even find my opinion contradicting with theirs. Rest assured I only share what I think is right and helpful to others.

Who I am and what I do:

I travel the world and explore so many new places every month with my son and husband! That’s what I do when I’m asleep. LOL! But when I’m awake, I am a work-at-home customer service representative who helps my (currently) OFW husband save for the future of our son and his siblings (if there be any in the future). A woman who studied Bachelor of Theology who wants to use her blog to spread God’s word by sharing devotionals and reflections.

I am a blessed woman to have received a gift of being a wife to Daniel and a mother to Nate. I am a daughter to my amazing parents who are church workers and a sister to my 3 biological siblings (and to many of my spiritual bros/sissies). I am also a full-time Customer Service Representative since 2009 in 4 different companies. The 4th company I work with is where I stayed up to now. This job gives me the opportunity to work in the comfort of my home. For that, I am officially a Work-At-Home-Mama (WAHM)!

-I’m neither kikay nor fashionable. 

-I’m a breastfeeding advocate

-20/20 vision is an impossible dream, please don’t think I’m a snob if I don’t recognize you. lol!

-I used to teach children during Sunday Schools (and VBS).

-I was born and raised in a rural area by a farmer (and I’m proud of that!)

– I am a clueless woman who hopes to be able to manage things at home properly while working full time to help my husband with our finances and also be able to save for our plans and dreams.

– I am someone who loves bathroom breaks – it’s my way of having a “me time!” This isn’t new is it? 😀

– I love to explore and have fun! With explore, I mean explore where I lost my things, haha!

– I’m happy to share any simple parenting tips, tricks (if there’s any), and discounts/promos that I know. I can turn upside down if you want me to, but I can’t do that without breaking a bone so I’d rather not! 😀

– In this present world where prudence and discrimination are everywhere, I want to be part of the little voices that share positivity with others. ♥

Join me and my family on our journey! Please don’t forget to smile! 😀

“Writing is the painting of the voice.”

For questions, suggestions, and inquiries, send me an email at nilyn (at) abovepreciousrubies.com. You may also find me on FACEBOOK or follow me on TWITTER & INSTAGRAM.

Hope to hear from you soon!  I will be very happy to hear from you! Talk to you soon! God bless you!