Above Rubies Podcast Season 2: Building a Digital Empire with Mommy MK Bertulfo

Two years ago, I created a video for FHMoms aimed at empowering women by gradually eradicating the dilemma of choosing between working and homemaking. FHMoms is one of the virtual communities I am proud to be part of. It advocates that mothers do not have to choose between employment and home management for they can do both. After all, mothers can do wonders. Being the first and the biggest freelancing group of Filipina moms, FHMoms has seen colossal and unprecedented growth for just a couple of years as it continues to change lives, one mom at a time. But despite its massive success, FHMoms also has humble beginnings. So how did it all begin?

Little girl, big dreams

This woman empire started with one child with big dreams – a little girl, who, like many typical grade school girls wanted to become a teacher – who learned early in life the value of work and hard-earned wreath from not so well-off but hardworking and business inclined parents. Apart from becoming a teacher, she also excited about becoming a mother and a provider. On one hand, she can be described as a risk-taker. Someone extremely courageous, who enjoys life challenges and is always hyped by solving one problem after the other. On the other hand, she is also someone with the kindness and humility of the few. She generously and patiently helps and answers even the most obvious questions from seemingly clueless newbies. (Mommy MK Bertulfo and her humble beginnings)

Moving forward, Giving back

She says she does it all in gratitude and appreciation to every single person who lent her a helping hand on her way to the top. No wonder the catchy tagline of FHMoms, “Moving forward, giving back”. With FHMoms, she finally realized her dream of becoming a teacher not only of children but of 21st century Filipina moms trying to cope and keep up with the challenges and necessary changes of the information age. She is so passionate about her calling that she has also influenced her other trainers to emulate her example. Her goals and purposes have been hugely blessed. No one, even she herself did not imagine the community would grow this fast. (MK Bertulfo and her advocacy)

Continuous Growth for FHMoms

No matter how strong a woman she always has been, she also had her fair share of being bullied by others who made it first in the freelancing industry. Thanks to her husband, she had a springboard to bounce back when she was at the valley in this whole journey. Coming out from that valley, she came out victorious and even stronger. She has also mustered greater leadership skills that made her utilize other women and their skills by delegation. Seeing the worth of her advocacy, even celebrity moms joined her to reach out to other moms. With that, she was able to achieve more than made her win recognitions and grants even from the United Nations. (MK Bertulfo and FHMoms her growing empire)

Delegation is the key!

One could only wonder if she still gets enough time to rest and sleep. But quoting her very line, “Delegation is the key!” While doing all these, she remains to be a hands-on mom not only to her own son but also to a nephew. In fact, her family was able to move into their dream house in Lipa amidst her regular hustle. Dealing with the two kids and the work, she functions like a multi-tasking machine catering to different departments – which she considers a lot of fun. That’s very her — Mommy MK! The absence of challenge is equal to the absence of fun. (MK Bertulfo and FHMoms her growing empire)


Apart from it being a social enterprise, her 2021 vision includes making FHMmoms the biggest freelancing and parenting community which also caters to the members’ general well-being especially given the immediate effects of this pandemic (i.e. mental health issues). As the little girl’s noble dreams unfold, she perhaps rarely realized she has all along been building an empire where she herself becomes the empress. With that said, we can only imagine what future awaits FHMmoms. For sure, it can only get better!

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