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Homeschooling while freelancing with Mommy Belle

Above Rubies Podcast is a podcast created by a mom for every mom (and parents for that matter) embracing parenthood and sanity. Here to help you get by through weekly discussions on parenting, relationships, home, and faith as you juggle daily in life!

This week’s episode we have Mommy Belle Prado, a tech-savvy geek who transitioned into a homeschooling work-at-home-mom after 17 years of working in the corporate world as a Systems Specialist. She says this “leap of faith” has always been one of the best decisions she’s ever made as she gets to spend more quality time with the family and is able to witness firsthand how her kids are growing up to be such kind, compassionate, passion-driven (and fun to be with!) individuals.

In her spare time, she also pours out her heart and soul through her personal blog, Enlightened Filipina Mom – her way of glorifying the one true source of all these blessings.

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