ARP 004 – COVID19, patience & life talk with Nate the Natter

Above Rubies Podcast is a podcast created by a mom for every mom (and parents for that matter) embracing parenthood and sanity. Here to help you get by through weekly discussions on parenting, relationships, home, and faith as you juggle daily in life!

This week’s episode, I am with my son, Nate just having a good talk about COVID19, his dream to be a chemist, to go to Japan, his favorite game, and a whole lot more. Nate is 6 years old and is in first grade this school year.

We are not perfect parents, there are so many things we need to improve on in this parenting journey but our love for our children never changes. As much as I can, I upload videos, photos, and recordings like this to document Nate’s childhood in hopes that one day when he’s all grown up, he’ll be able to look back and on his moments with us.

Nate has a YouTube channel, it’s Youtube.com/c/natethenatter

Listen to my other podcast episodes here: https://abovepreciousrubies.com/tag/podcast

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