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The Benefits of Working from Home

Work from home set up has been the talk of the town. From the never-ending list of advantages to the not-so-cool disadvantages of this setup, plenty of things to debate on. Yes, things are not perfect because we don’t want a boring life, but we’d rather toss the good side of the coin. Below are some of the benefits of working from home.

Wear anything you want

We’re all guilty of this. We got up and start to do our thing. It’s not required to dress up, anyway.


No need to pay for transportation, no outside meals, and no extra coffee or snacks that you can grab in the nearby cafe. Homemade cooking is waving. Plus no need for new officewear every now and then.

Anxiety and Timesaver 

Say goodbye to the stress of commuting every single day. No need to adjust your time to prepare yourself and leave home early not to run late for work. Sleep is sanity, even for a few more minutes.

Goodbye office politics

No more unimportant meetings and since you’re working remotely, idle chatting and hanging around on breaks is impossible. No gossiping around which is normally seen in a traditional setup. We need peace of mind and solace, right?

Work productively

According to the study conducted by Stanford, people who work at home are more productive by 13 percent than those in an office set up. We can assume that unimportant meetings and unnecessary chitchats could be the culprit. Whew!

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Healthy work-life balance

Most if not all of us have flexible schedules, with that we get to choose how to spend our free time. We can spend more time with our loved ones and if you’re single you get to have more time for yourself. Why not make time for a new hobby?

These are just a few among the long list of benefits of working from home. What about you? What’s the best thing about your work-from-home journey? And if you’re just working from home due to COVID19, would you rather go back to working in the office or continue working from home when all this is over? 

Love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

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