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Homeschooling & Life Away from the City with Morena Mom

Above Rubies Podcast is a podcast created by a mom for every mom (and parents for that matter) embracing parenthood and sanity. Here to help you get by through weekly discussions on parenting, relationships, home, and faith as you juggle daily in life!

This week, we have Mommy Richelle of Morena Mom to talk about her experience in living away from the city as well as her homeschooling journey. It has been such a meaningful conversation of taking a leap of faith, believing in yourself, and pursuing what you love to do.

Mommy Richelle is a mother of three children with her firstborn being homeschooled officially since last year. They left the city life to settle in Nagcarlan, Laguna for almost two years ago and shifted to working from home while officially homeschooling their firstborn even before this pandemic hit our nation and the world.

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