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Ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Ways to Stay Productive While Working from Home

Moms like me wear so many hats, we have children to take care of, house to clean, food to cook, laundry to wash, small business to manage, and a whole lot more. There are way too many things but so little time.

For someone like me who works full time, I have to be honest, I rely on other people to help me with all these, otherwise, I would never be able to get all the chores done.

It’s not easy to stay productive when you’re working from home, especially here in the Philippines where most freelancers don’t have their own office as I do. However, we have to do something or our work performance will be compromised.

That being said, here’s a list of simple yet effective ways on how a busy mom can stay productive while working from home.\

She makes space just for work

Might not be for everyone but she knows that setting a space that is dedicated only for work gives her the working vibe. No room? No problem! A quiet corner is enough. In my case, I have my own desktop and my loved ones know that the moment I sit on my chair, I need to stay focused to do my job well.

She sets her schedule and does her best to stick to it.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a part-time job or a full time one, setting a daily schedule is essential for work-at-home moms. Not only does it help her keep track of her to-dos but also manage her thoughts. 

This includes not only tasks for work but also things that she wants and needs to do that day. Saving herself from hanging on to  “What am I going to do again?” Trello, Google Calendar, and other calendar apps help a lot when it comes to scheduling our tasks. A lot of freelancers also prefer using planners to help them manage their tasks.

A 10-minute break.

Working continuously is something that she avoids to do. Aside from the back pain of sitting for hours, doing so makes her feel exhausted. Walking a bit outside, sipping a cup of coffee, or doing some stretches every hour or two do perfectly fine.

Log out, girl!

She makes sure to log out for the day and never looks back. She knows that setting boundaries between work and her private life are good to keep a healthy work from home set up. Thankfully, the company where I work with values breaks for its employees so weekends are for us to spend with our loved ones. 🙂


The hardest thing ever! But it is worth it. I am still working on this and I don’t see myself perfecting this soon. I guess the key here is to remind ourselves whenever we notice we’re slacking. It will never be easy but with God’s help and our willingness to perform well at work, these tips will surely seize the day. Let’s aim to stay productive while working from home.

Stay sane, stay pretty!

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