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3 Tips When Moving + Truck Service for Bulacan Movers

Since we got married in 2012, Dane and I have moved five times already – Pasig, Litex, Batasan, San Mateo, Bataan! Yes, we’re still renters even up to now. 😂 At hindi namin actually alam kung makakailang lipat pa kami bago kami makalipat sa sarili naming bahay, LOL! We just leave that part to God. 

So for those who are movers like us, here’s a few moving tips I can share with you: Truck service for Bulacan movers

Buy cheaper boxes

Carton storage boxes are expensive! Let’s ditch that part. Go to your neighborhood store and ask if they have boxes they can sell. Some of them sell it for just Php 5 per box, some are generous enough to give it for free. You don’t need an expensive carton box if you’re okay with the packaging prints. 🙂

Leave anything that “doesn’t spark joy”

What’s good about moving is you get to leave all the trash – mga lumang CD, chargers na ‘di na gumagana, mga manuals at bills na nakatambak, lahat ‘yan iiwan mo. So para kang nag-gegeneral cleaning ‘pag naglilipat. Para panibagong tambak na naman sa bagong lilipatan! 😂

Kidding aside, yes, moving helps you make sure you get to reorganize all your stuff once in a while and only take the most important things with you. Yup, we can learn a lot form Mari Kondo when it comes to moving. Truck service for Bulacan movers

Get a reliable truck service provider

Since you’re only taking what sparks joy when you move, you wanna make sure it is handled well. You want to make sure you’re getting a reliable truck service provider who’s not just after your money but has the heart to deliver your things carefully. Someone who makes sure nothing is damaged. I should know ‘coz it’s frustrating to see your things get broken along the way.

Image may contain: text that says 'METD DELIVERY SERVICES Service you can count on. People you can trust.'

Here’s a truck service for Bulacan movers: M.E.T. Delivery Services gives you peace of mind that your things are in good hands. I know because they helped during our move here in Bataan. I know the owners all too well, we never had problems during our move and I know they are true to their words. M.E.T. Delivery Services offers:

  • Lipat bahay
  • Condo Transfer
  • Office Transfer
  • Product Transfer
  • Event Transport

That’s from Bulacan to any point of the Philippines! M.E.T. Delivery Services – Service you can count on, people you can trust. Find them on Facebook. You can also contact +63 939-555-5829 or +63 999-495-3395. Truck service for Bulacan movers

The joy in moving

A lot of people find it sad when they move because they feel like they’re leaving their comfort zone. That is not the case for me. What I love about moving is the excitement to go to new places, meet new people, create new memories together as a family. So yes, we’re here in the North, around new neighborhood, in a peaceful rural area here in Bagac, Bataan and we never regretted moving here.

How many times have you moved so far? I love to hear your story!

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  1. Thank you for the tips. Mag ready na ako ng maraming Box. Lol!
    Leave anything that “doesn’t spark joy” pwede iwan nadin yung sad moment at bad feelings.

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