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Nate’s Quarantine 6th Birthday Celebration

Nate turned six 2 weeks ago, 2020’s overspeeding! Just a few weeks from now and we’re halfway through the year. This COVID19 made the time fly even much faster. When ECQ was announced in Bataan, I somehow knew it would last long. That means, no graduation rites and possibly no birthday celebration at the beach for Nate.

Kids nowadays are smart! They know and understand the situation. Nate, in fact, knew why it’s important to stay at home. He knew what Covid19 is and what damage it does to the body. And he understands that because of Covid19, we can’t go out.

The Simple Preparation

Those who know me also know that I’m not a good cook. LOL! So, let’s go for ordered-foods, shall we? 😂 A few days before his birthday, I asked around for anyone knows a local cake seller. Thankfully, I found one who could make a customized birthday cake for him.

Recently, Nate is into PJ Masks, Numberblocks, and Ryan so I picked Numberblocks as a theme for his birthday cake. Thanks to Nate’s classmate’s mom for recommending Sweet Cakes by: Zalie, now we have the cake ready. If you are from Bagac and you’re looking for a cake seller for your party needs, give them a try. 😉

Cinco de Mayo

Nate’s personally been doing a countdown before his birthday, so he knew exactly when May 5th is without even asking us. May 5th was a Tuesday which means work week for me. So we’re sleeping half the day on that day.

To our surprise, two people came to give Nate biko and pizza. Thanks a lot, you know who you are. 💕 We surprised him, sang the birthday song, prayed, gave our neighbors food, and ate together.

Thanksgiving Devotion

In the evening before I logged in to work, we had a special family devotion where we said our wishes, thanks, and prayers for Nate. He also did the same. We ended the day by praying and then I logged in to start working.

Covid19 taught us to live simply and prioritize what’s important – our needs and not our wants, being able to spend time with the family during special events (no matter how simple the celebration is), and above all, our faith in God almighty.

May we all stay home and safe all throughout this pandemic time. Let’s not stop praying for this to end soon. ❤️️


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