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Keeping the Faith amidst COVID19

Keeping the faith amidst COVID19

This Covid-19 season has brought us new realizations. These can be true with everybody else, however, it could be a more specific eye-opener to moms like me. There could be a vast list but I’d like to discuss only three. At a glance, we are all vulnerable; we could be the virus; or (and but), we could choose to be victorious.

Our vulnerability

Nobody likes to be vulnerable. We all want to feel we are in a position to do something to alleviate any undesirable situations. But this season has slapped us right to our face — we are vulnerable! We just cannot do anything. Even our national leaders are now at the end of their wits trying to battle an unseen enemy. More than ever, we realize it is way easier to fight a tangible enemy. But with the Coronavirus, the most obvious everyone can do is to doubt everyone even himself. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be enough motivation to make social distancing work. Although the oldest especially those with existing comorbidities and the youngest in the community are identified to be at a higher risk, the number of COVID patients all over the world shows that everyone can get infected regardless of age or economic status.

But if we dislike being considered vulnerable, we would all the more abhor the idea that we can be the deadliest virus in our world. All the negative thoughts we allow to dwell in our heads could contaminate us to the very core. Someone has said something like we cannot stop a bird from hovering over our heads. But we can most definitely stop it from making a nest there. If moms are not careful to keep their own minds in check, they could be the virus not only contaminating themselves but also infecting everyone around them. Instead of becoming “woman the completer”, she could just easily be “woman the destroyer.”

Our faith in this time of crisis

This is where faith plays a huge importance. True, we are vulnerable and we might have already been our very own virus as worry and anxiety eat us up day in and day out. But with Faith in God, we could still come out of this crisis victorious. Faith is defined in Hebrews as the “evidence of things unseen and the substance of things hoped for.” Currently, we couldn’t see yet as to when shall all these ever end — the inconveniences that the Covid-19 and ECQ bring. But we should remind ourselves that God is in the throne and therefore he is in control. We might as well find comfort in the kids’ song, “He holds the whole world in his hand”. In times like this, basking in the word of God is essentially necessary if mom has to keep sane.

God’s promises

This invisible enemy could foster so much fear in the heart of every mom. But fear is not from God. If Mom is fearful, she is obvious and highly contagious. She might even communicate the same to older children which is needless to say unhealthy for all of them. Theologians say that the Bible has 365 verses teaching us to never fear. That gives us a once a day dose of command as well as a promise not to fear. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power, of love and of a sound mind.” Psalm 46:10 goes “Be still and know that I am God.” And the list of God’s promises could go on and on.

If we could no longer call any of these from memory, then probably we haven’t been reading the Bible much or haven’t memorized these truths by heart. While still on quarantine, we might as well delve deeper into the Word. Perhaps, this is God’s personal dealing to us since most of us had been so busy to even have time for personal or family devotion. Remember, anyone who does not read or know God’s word could never find comfort from it.

Keeping the faith amidst COVID19

To close, we need to clarify certain things: First, being vulnerable is not a problem because it’s not meant to be solved. It is reality that needs to be accepted. Second, as thoughtful as every loving mom could be, she must take a moment to check whether she already acts like a virus contaminating herself and those around her. And when she succeeds in coming to terms with the first two, then she could come out victorious as she stops being control freak and starts resting in God. Keep the faith amidst COVID19! And sleep well!

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