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Where am I?

Where am I?

I know, I knowww. It’s been a while. Like, literally 26 days ’til I last posted on my blog. I’ve been so busy, I know that’s not an excuse but yeah, that’s my excuse! LOL.

The past few weeks have been challenging for so many reasons:

1. Nate is taking a summer class ♥

We just overcome Nate’s first week in his summer class and it was absolutely a rollercoaster experience, especially on his first day! Haha.

2. Summer class schedule

With Nate’s summer class in mind, one schedule is added on my list every day. After work, I get to have rest for about an hour or two before I get up to prep his school stuff and breakfast. Then, we would wake him up and eat breakfast together, before we walk going to school – kind of Dane and I’s daily exercise and Vitamin D.

We wait in school for two hours and go home. That’s when I get my second rest installment. Then I would wake up and do some of my tasks, take my third rest and get ready for work. Sometimes, I’d think that the waiting at school is not worth it but I take it as a time for me and Dane to just be with each other. We could talk while waiting there play cellphone games together and sometimes, I take a nap. LOL.

3. Project Management 

I’m sure I mentioned this before – I left my job earlier this year to find a non-voice client and by God’s grace, I found not just one but two clients. The first one is now training me for project management so I am also a bit swamped on reviewing tutorials every day.

It is not easy. In fact, a lot of times it’s confusing but I am not giving up. I know I’ll learn all of these sooner (hopefully, not later, haha) and things will be easier for me.

4. Marketing and Podcast Courses

My second client gave me access to the courses he bought which are about marketing and podcasting as that is what he’s doing. I am not sure how much each course costs but I’m glad he lets me learn. It’s a win-win for both of us. So, this is another thing that’s currently consuming my time. It’s OK though, I’m not saying ‘no’ to any opportunities where I can learn new things.

5. Proofreading Write-Ups

I am part of the Filipina Homebased Moms team. It is both an honor and a huge responsibility but I am happy that someone believes in what I can do. For that, I am always grateful. We have many plans for the group and part of it is to build up the website. Currently, we are helping aspiring writers to contribute to the website and so my main task, along with other volunteer editors, is to review the writeup and provide constructive feedback. I cannot wait to see the final result of each writeup.

So yeah, I might be a little busy now but it’s good. I am soaking myself into a lot of things to learn nowadays. I am excited to see things fall into place soon.

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