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Kindergarten Preparation Tips that Might Help You

Kindergarten Preparation Tips that might Help You

Earlier today, we were at the school we were eyeing for Nate to enroll in Kindergarten. This is it – Nate is going to school already! For two years, I’ve been teaching him at home from time to time and since he’s turning 5 next month, he’s ready (or he should be ready) to go to school. Here are our Kindergarten preparation tips.

Speaking of ready, at this point, I’m not sure how ready he is to go to school. I’m sure there’s a short sepanx phase for him (and definitely me) but I’m confident he will be fine after a few days or weeks. We have done a few mind setting to prepare him for school.

Talked to him/setting up his expectations

Time to time, I tell Nate he’s going to school soon. Which school? Well, it’s funny because when he was little, about 2 or 3, we passed by a school near our place and I told him, “that’s going to be your school when you turn 5”. Since then, Nate has not forgotten it. Every time we see the school, he’d tell me, “that’s my school, mama”. So now, when someone asks him which school he’s going to attend, he already knows what to answer. It’s a Christian school that’s not too far from where we live – he knows he’s going there soon and that’s because I’ve been setting his expectations for quite some time already.

Quick School Visit

Today was the first time we went to the said school. Before going there, I told Nate, “we’re going to check the school now so you can see for yourself, then tell me what you think about it”. To which he quickly agrees. So three of us went there so we can see if he’s okay with the place. There are three other preschools aside from these so we have quite a few options. Although this one is the first on our list, there’s two more I’m considering. Each school has its own pros so I ended up letting Nate check instead.

A few minutes after we arrived, Nate whispered, “I don’t like here, Mama” but as soon as the teacher started talking to him, he felt better. The visit ended up with the three of us smiling, excited for what’s in store for him. He got to check the room he’s going to be staying so I think (and hope) it’ll be an easy transition.

Summer Class Enrollment

Since this is Nate’s first time to be in school, we’re not sure how it’s going to be yet. For all I know, as long as he likes the activity, he’ll gladly cooperate. That is what we always do here at home. As long as he is interested, he would do our simple home classes gladly. In order for him to transition better, we decided to enroll him for a summer class. It is going to be a 26-days long of 2-hour daily school activities before June classes. We’ll see how this turns out. 😀

Simple Homeschooling

Another thing we do at home to prepare Nate for school is doing simple home activities. He loves to experiment, do arts and crafts, solve simple addition and subtraction, as well as play fun, educational games. So we do these activities at home from time to time so even though people say Nate’s a bit too late in going to school, I think it’s just about the right time as I did not want him to start too early.

Talked to him about it

Lastly, we would always talk about schooling. The possible hours he’s going to be schooling, what their lessons are going to be, who will he be schooling with (kids his age). We keep on telling him it’s going to be fun. There are times that he’d say he doesn’t want to go and we’d always remind him of the importance of going to school.

Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible Schools, and Kids’ Camps

Nate attending church activities for kids also prepared Nate for school. These regular and non-regular activities gave him an idea of how a school setup is like. So even though he was not enrolled early, he still got the chance to be in a school setting a lot of times with other kids his age. He has always enjoyed these church gatherings, especially, Vacation Bible Schools.

A few weeks from now, Nate is going to start his 12-year schooling already. Ah, my little baby is going to school now (*mixed emotions*), how time flies, whew! It’s the beginning of a new chapter for us. I’m both anxious and excited for him.

So yeah, these are the things we did for Nate in preparation for his kindergarten. I hope these Kindergarten preparation tips can also help you. 🙂

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