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Hometown Visit Diary #2

Hometown Visit Diary #2

NOTE: Late publish (original date this was written: 3/9/2019)

I am writing this near the seashore – away from the city, an internet cafe, and even a cellular signal. We are in Lawigan, Mati in Davao Oriental. We’ve been here since yesterday and it’s been an awesome experience so far.

Thanks to the kindness of my sister’s BF’s relative, we have a home to stay in for 2 days, FOR FREE. The place is situated just a few walks away from the shore so we got a great place here. Life here is super simple – no social media – which is cool for someone like me who wants a few days of complete break. Oh, if we can just do this every day!

Life at sea

Since we grew up in a rural place away from the city and beaches, we only had a few chances to see what life near the sea is. One of these real-life chances is now. It’s great how rich the ocean is – I call it “yamang dagat”. You don’t have to plant, water or cultivate any plan. All you need is a small boat, a swimming skill, and an expert in catching fishes and you’re good to go. You’ll have fresh seafood for lunch or dinner already!

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Time out

After we booked our ticket for this “surprise visit” in January, I already thought of going here with my family. Thank God for His grace, the plan was realized. It took us 4 hours just to get here, which is quite far but it was worth it. I always wanted a time out – you know when life’s been crazy and you’re being pressured, you can’t not want a time out. Just a time to be with nature – to appreciate God’s goodness, be with the family and enjoy our time together. I’m always grateful for times like these. And I make sure to make the most out of it ‘coz I know it won’t last.

Happiness and Ambition

In life, we want to achieve a lot of things – not only for ourselves but also for our loved ones. A car, a house, a health and life insurance and an investment. These are things we can’t get in just a blink of an eye – it takes years and years to achieve it. Unless of course, you have millions to spend. 😉 And as soon as one gets accomplished, another goal comes in.

I’m not saying these are not good. These are really great life goals to make. But is this really what we’re here for? The bible says we’re created to glorify God as long as we live. Sometimes, we get too busy with our lives – trying to accomplish so many things that we forget our Creator – the One we should be serving in the first place. I’m not saying these are not good – I’m saying we should not forget that we ought to spend time with God – worship Him and glorifying Him should be the sole reason for living.

I praise God for this time of reflection and opportunity to appreciate His creation.

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  1. Hello Sis. Just dropping by from the blogging group Blogging Opps. I just wanted really to comment that we also visited Mati and Tagum last year (July 2019). I have a cousin in Mati. God bless 🙂

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