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What I Don’t Like about the BPI Beta App & Website

Bpi Beta Website

Around November last year, after a bunch of reminders from BPI about the new mobile app and BPI website, I finally tried them out. I won’t say I hate it, I won’t say I like it either. So here’s what I don’t like about the new app and website.

 Extra hassle for extra security

Every transaction I make via the new BPI website and app now has a transaction code. Which again, I think is a good decision to make, but also more hassle. Whether you transfer to a linked bank account or a 3rd party one, pay bills and more, you can’t proceed without a transaction code sent to your email. The email that’s connected to my BPI account is not the number I use anymore. To change that, I have to go to the bank again to update – which I don’t like doing also! But yeah, it is, what it is. It definitely makes every online transaction safe so I guess, I can deal with that if that means extra security.

Speaking of going to the nearest bank account to update your info, that’s the problem we have with Dane’s account also because his branch is in Manila. Kaya hindi talaga namin ma-update update and cellphone# nya, kasi pumupunta lang kami dun pag weekend. Unfortunately, weekdays lang open ang bank nya.

New app – new ATM activation

Since you’re registering on a completely new application, you’ll have to (again) go to the nearest ATM to activate and utilize your BPI app. For someone like us who lives about 2 kms away from the nearest ATM, that doesn’t sound good. Well, it’s just a one-time activation so just a one-time hassle too.

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No Dates on the Transaction History

Of all the things this new app doesn’t have, I don’t understand why the dates on the transaction history were missing like it is not important to have the dates posted on there. So I thought maybe if I click on each transaction, it would give me more info, alas, it didn’t. Or I probably don’t know how this new app works yet and should navigate on it further, I hope I was wrong because if I’m not, this would be such a disaster trying to remember the transactions.

BPI Beta no transaction date

The old app and website

How about the old app and website? Well, the old app, we’ve already uninstalled. I’m not sure if it’s still working because it’s been telling me last year that it would only be available until November 30. As for the old website, well, it looks like it’s still working. Until when it’ll be available – that I cannot tell. I can still do my online transactions there if I like to. It’s just more risky than the new one, I guess.

There’s just no perfect website or app, is there? There’s always a good side and a bad side of every platform – we just have to go with what we think is more convenient for us.

4 Replies to “What I Don’t Like about the BPI Beta App & Website”

  1. Nice review. It’s more hassle for account owners living abroad because there’s no way to visit their branch and their skype and 800 toll free numbers are not answering. Other customers who got reply were told they still need to submit documents in order to update their phone number. Why it can’t be done thru online? Without a registered mobile number, there’s no OTP, there’s no online transfers available. I really hope that BPI fixes this or at least bring up the old site or app.

    1. Exactly! I understand the extra security for the OTP but I hope they could at least make the process of adding/updating phone#s easy for their clients. I didn’t know they didn’t make exceptions for OFWs, that’s another inconvenience. 🙁
      I’d really love for the old site to be put back. With the new site, I can’t even check at glance my credit card balance.

  2. How to print bank statements for both your savings and credit card? I can’t find that in the new app now. Anybody knows? Or that feature is not available yet? I like the old system.. but I am totally open to changing it as long as the new app has better features & functionalities.

    1. Hi Marie, I’m sorry, I’m not sure if that feature is already available in the new app. In fact, I can’t figure out where to check my remaining credit card balance with the new app. I hope they carry over all the functionalities from the old app to this new one.

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