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9 Things Philippine SME’s Should Try To Outsource

9 Things Philippine SME's Should Try To Outsource Now

Despite a global downturn thanks to the US-China trade war, Philippine SME’s are likely up for some great times ahead in 2019, at least according to the Asian Development Bank. With a 6.4% growth rate projected for the year and a rapidly-improving infrastructure network, it’s likely more Filipinos will experience greater spending power. This is exactly the kind of thing most Filipino entrepreneurs with investments in the local market want to hear.

With the projected growth brings about its own issues. Filipino SME’s are nothing, if not overly traditional, making it unlikely that most will be able to maximize their gains from any growth that does happen.

One aspect smaller Filipino businesses are slow in adapting to is outsourcing. While the Philippines itself is a major source of outsourced labor overseas, most Filipino-owned businesses seem to be slow in seriously considering outsourcing outside of janitorial and security services.

With a vibrant freelancing community that’s experienced in delivering results at a world-class level, there’s no reason growth-driven SME’s shouldn’t consider outsourcing as a way to further expand their capabilities and capitalize on the massive growth the economy is projected to experience.

Here are just a few key areas Filipino SME’s should consider outsourcing:

1.) Marketing

Sometimes your marketing team is just way over its head when it comes to certain areas. SEM, SEO, content marketing, social media management, and data analysis are just some of the key areas of marketing an SME can easily outsource to great effect. Not only will you be able to enjoy having an experienced team of technical experts driving sales to your business, the knowledge, and techniques they use ultimately tend to be of great benefit to your internal team as well.

2.) Content creation

Blog writing, guest post creation, and other content tasks are increasingly being outsourced by more local SME’s. A lot of it is simply because specialized content creators are consistently better at delivering well-written content at fast turnaround times due to their specialization in this field.  If you don’t have an internal team of specialized writers, this is something you should definitely consider outsourcing.

3.) IT

Many important IT tasks such as data migrations and database building are only done infrequently, which means your resident IT person may not be able to do them effectively when they do happen. When they’re stuck doing those infrequent tasks, then regular IT maintenance often goes to the backburner. Avoid this entirely by outsourcing experienced IT professionals for those specific times you need a quick boost in manpower.

4.) Video creation

Video production is now recognized as a key component of any contemporary marketing effort.  On the other hand, SME’s may also find that they cannot afford to hire video creators full-time. It’s not easy to create professional videos. In addition, tasking someone inexperienced on your team to do it often leads to unsatisfactory results.  Getting experienced videographers and other video creators to do your videos for you is a great way to pump up your marketing efforts while allowing your core team to focus on more important tasks.

5.) Photography

Good photography can do wonders to improve your company’s branding, especially on social media. While everyone these days has an incredible smartphone that has better hardware on it than the DSLR’s of 10 years ago. However, it’s clear that photography skills of most people have not kept pace with improvements in hardware. If you are in the retail or food business, a professional photographer may very well turn the social media tide in your favor.

6.) Graphic design

Graphic design is a lot more challenging than many local managers understand. This often results in them assigning this critical branding task to inexperienced employees as a side task. This is the reason why even larger Philippine businesses have subpar logography and artwork by international standards. Bring your business up to scratch by hiring experienced graphic designers for critical image creation tasks.

7.) Payroll and bookkeeping

Business owners who are not CPA’s themselves or do not have direct access to a CPA as part of their team should instead leave these key areas outsourced. The accuracy and knowledge required to do the books on time is definitely something you should leave to professionals, as delayed payrolls and other serious issues can occur with inexperienced bookkeepers and payroll personnel.

8.) Web design

Web design these days is a holistic discipline that goes beyond just using templates and making web pages look pretty.  Experienced web designers today draw from diverse fields. To name a few: psychology, marketing, UX design, and data analytics to make a website that not only looks good but serves your specific needs as well.

9.) Personal assistants

Time management gets even more difficult as your business grows. Hiring a personal assistant as a temporary worker rather than as a full-time employee can be a good choice. PAs help you make the most out of what time you do have when things get hectic.

As a virtual assistant for about for than 7 years now, I strongly support online outsourcing. You get help organizing things while providing jobs to other Filipinos. It’s always a win-win situation. Sites like Smalljobs.ph connect you with the best freelancers in the Philippines. Check them out and find out what a difference they can make for your SME’s growth.

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