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When does a car need a car cover?

When does a car need a car cover?

.Investing in a car is an expensive one especially when it is a brand new car. We all want to take precaution to protect our car and keep it in good condition including both the engine’s performance and the outward appearance. For the outward appearance, we need to preserve the shine of the paint surface and protect it from scratches as far as possible. One way is to protect our car with a fitted car cover especially when it is stored for a period of time when not in use e.g. when we are away on a holiday or during the winter months when it is not safe to drive a car.

How cars acquire dirt that damages it

When our car uncovered and unused for some time, it will get dirty with dust particle. This happens even if stored in an enclosed garage. The dust mixed with the moisture from the air will form a layer of dirt sticking to the car surface. After some time it will affect the surface shine of the paint. Worse still if we leave our car outdoor uncovered with the fallen leaves, rain and dust settling on our car.

Custom-fit car covers

Car covers are available in car accessories shop or we can easily order one from any of the online stores. There are general car covers made to fit all types of cars. These are not made to fit every car perfectly. Cars come in different shapes and designs and to get a perfect fit for our car, we need to get one of the custom fit car covers for the specific model of our car.

To protect our Ford car from the above elements, we need to get one of the Ford car covers to fit the model of our car. Car covers are made from various types of large sheets of fabrics. Custom-fitted car covers are made to fit specific car shapes. Car covers are designed to protect cars against tree juice, weather elements, etc.

There are car covers for indoor and outdoor uses and all weather car covers are also available. Woven polyester with light and soft breathable lining are usually where these covers are made from. Indoor car covers are not water resistant. Outdoor car covers are designed to be water-resistant. They are often thicker and heavier and sturdier to withstand the rain, snow, and other weather elements.

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