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Home for Good and a Challenging 2019

Home for Good and a Challenging 2019

I just can’t not blog about this – Dane is finally home for good after 3 years! Nate and I are the happiest! ❤

He arrived in NAIA 1 last Saturday around 10 AM, exactly 1 month after our 10th anniversary as a couple. Praise God for the safe travel and His unfailing guidance throughout the entire journey going back home. I’m just happy we’re finally together again after quite some time.

This won’t be easy because we’re starting back at one (I’ll tell you more about it later), but I know that we did what’s right and that God will never leave us.

 Dane’s resignation

As mentioned in my previous post, Dane decided to resign around August because he has become very sickly. Pakiramdam ko nun, nagpapalitan lang sila ni Nate magkasakit kada buwan. Dane is asthmatic so his health deteriorates really badly sometimes.

What they say is true, if you’re an OFW, sickness is not an excuse not to go to work. Kaya kahit may sakit, napipilitan syang pumasok, especially that he’s the branch manager. So it’s easy to trace back what’s causing his recent illnesses.

I’ve been telling him to resign for the nth time already, he was the one who said “sayang”. So when he finally said he wanted out, he had all my support. I don’t really care if we’re not rich, as long as we’re together. I don’t want Nate to grow up away from his papa. And I don’t want us to be away for so long either. In fact, 3 years is already a long time for me.

My resignation as a WAHM

Aside from Dane’s resignation, I also filed my own resignation letter to my boss a few weeks ago. My last day at work will be this coming January 1, 2019. I have been working as a customer service representative for almost a decade now. At this point in my life, I really just want to be able to find a non-voice job. I don’t care if I have to go back to a lower rate, I just want to be able to learn a new skill now that will lead me to the road I’ve been wanting to take for a long time.

No, I don’t plan on going back to working in the office. As of now, I’m setting up my account with the online platforms I know like upwork and onlinejobs.ph so by the time I’m ready to apply, my profile is all set.

A challenging new year ahead

With both of us leaving our jobs, it’s definitely going to be difficult but with God on our side, I know we’re in good hands. We’re currently planning to start a small online business. We’re planning to do it this month, pinagpapahinga ko lang muna sandali si Dane para makabawi sa pagod sa trabaho at sa biyahe. With God’s grace, Dane will be the one to look after the said small business.I, on the other hand, will look for a non-voice job beginning January so our savings will not be used up.

Leaving everything to God

We don’t know if this plan will work, we’re not sure if the business will click, but we’re willing to take risks. Besides, we won’t really know unless we try. If it doesn’t work, perhaps we’ll find something else, if it does, well, that would be fantastic!

With Dane being home for good, we’re just overjoyed and excited to see what God has in store for us!

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