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FarmOn Virtual Farming Registration Experience

FarmOn PH Registration

FarmOn PH Virtual Farming is one of the investments I’ve been wanting to have for some time now. Pero ngayon ko lang talaga nagawang mag register successfully sa kanila. Ang FarmOn PH Virtual Farming ay isa sa mga investments na pwede kang makapagsimula kahit hindi gaanong malaki ang capital mo. Depende sa kung anong product ang gusto mong i-fund. I started mine with Php 11,000, my cousin spent around 7,500 only.

Since I started learning about investments and finances, it has become our goal to be financially independent. We’re not there yet but we are slowly starting. And hopefully, we’ll get there.

What is FarmOn PH Virtual Farming

FarmOn.ph is a crowdfunding community where people can help farmers on their financial needs and at the same time reap rewards for their contributions. FarmOn.ph was developed by Sproads, a web publishing company based in Manila. Read More…

Dane and I have been wanting to live in the farm and grow old raising animal and planting vegetables in our backyard. Every time I think about it, I feel a sudden happiness at the thought of a peaceful life in the province. A life away from the busy city. Oh! I can only imagine! For now, though, since wala pa kaming sariling lupain at bahay sa probinsya, we’ll go with FarmOn nalang muna. LOL.

Why FarmOn PH Virtual Farming

As a crowdfunding site, FarmOn PH Virtual Farming is a good channel to put our money on. It’s a lot better to put it there than put it in the bank as savings. At least hindi kakainin ng inflation rate ang savings mo. For us who don’t have that much money to invest, this is a good place to invest on. Kami kasi ni Dane, nag-iinvest lang kapag kaya. And just like what other investors say, when we invest, we should “invest and forget”. So, this is what we’re doing right now. Invest some amount of money we (hopefully) won’t be using for 3-5 years.

FarmOn Virtual Farming Registration Experience

The challenge with FarmOn PH is the registration isn’t always open. If the crops are fully funded, you’ll have to wait for the cycle to register. Good thing marami ang available crops ngayon so I was able to register. Registration isn’t hard but is not super easy also.

You’ll have to register online, pay via bank and send a signed contract back to FarmOn PH for your registration to be completed. My registration experience was OK. Since they don’t have a BPI account, I had to go to BDO to deposit. I had a little problem with BDO as the teller didn’t input the right amount I deposited but thankfully, it was all taken care of by both BDO and FarmOn easily.

My crops now reflected on my account. The real farming doesn’t start until January next year, let’s see how this goes. Hopefully, the odds will be on our favor and the farm will have a good harvest. 🙂

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