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WAHM Reviews the New Unionbank Mobile App

WAHM Reviews the New Unionbank Mobile App

The New Unionbank Mobile App is here and I’m loving it!

A few months ago, Unionbank emailed to inform me that beginning September 1, 2018, my old personal ebanking site will no longer be accessible. I was a little disappointed because I thought, “Ugh, another hassle in creating a new account? Why do they even have to do that?”

Little did I know, Unionbank has something new in store. Just when I thought of closing my Unionbank EON account when it expires, it gave me a reason to stay! Here’s what I love about the New Unionbank Mobile App.

1. Easy log-in feature

With the New Unionbank Mobile App easy log-in feature, I can log in using my fingerprint.

2. Send/Request Payment

We all know how tiring it is to go to the bank, wait in line or stay on the queue for hours until you’re called. Sobrang sayang sa oras! 🙁 That’s why I go with online transactions, kung pwede namang gawin online, instead of go to the bank.

Takpan natin ang balance, nakakahiya, konti lang! LOL.


With the new Unionbank Mobile App, I can send and request payment now without having to go to the bank! It’s super easy to do, I’ve tried it twice last week on a fellow Unionbank EON user and I was able to send the money in minutes. All I needed was the account#, phone#, and email address of the person I’m sending the money to and I’m all good! Talk about convenience!

What’s more wonderful about it? 

The fact that I can send money to ANY BANK ACCOUNTS! Yup, you read that right, ANY bank accounts! Oh, I love it so much! I can either send for free (terms apply) or pay a small amount of 10 pesos so the recipient can get the money real-time! Whoever made this app, thank yuuuu so much!

3. Buy Load Using Unionbank Mobile App

I have a BPI account and I can also buy load using the BPI app but I can only send load to a Globe number. Since I’m a Globe LTE user, I have a Smart LTE sim card as a backup, in case internet problems. So my Smart sim needs to have a load all the time. Para ‘pag nagka emergency man, magreregister nalang ako and I can continue working. The problem was, I couldn’t load my Smart# using the BPI app.

So when I learned that I could load to both Smart and Globe using the Unionbank Mobile App, sooobrang saya ko! Napaka-convenient para sa’kin! I can now load without having to worry na gabing gabi na at baka wala ng bukas na tindahan na maglo-load sa’kin!

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4. Pay Bills Feature

Although I haven’t used it yet, Unionbank Mobile App also has a “pay bills” feature. When I checked it, I found out that I can pay bills on soooo many establishments using the Unionbank Mobile App! Hooray!

In fact, I can pay my Sunlife VUL policy using the Unionbank Mobile App. I haven’t tried yet but I’m planning to do that on my next payment due. Kung magkaganun man, napakalaking tulong nya sakin at sa financial advisor ko na pinapadalhan ko quarterly ng Sunlife VUL payment ko.

5. More Features Available

Aside from the Top 4 features that I love the most about the Unionbank Mobile App, the new app also has Scan to Pay, Mobile branch banking and Generate OTP options. I haven’t tried any of these features but they seem helpful too. Are you a Unionbank Mobile App user? How was your experience?


Disclaimer: This is not sponsored by Unionbank. Unionbank EON user here since 2012, just sharing my experience because this new feature is loooove! 🙂

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