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WAHM Reviews Coffeemags

WAHM Reviews Coffeemags

Many of my blogger friends have been encouraging me to migrate from Blogger to WordPress for many reasons since early last year. I have been hesitant to move because of the hassle I thought I would have to undergo. However, last August this year, I finally decided to migrate once and for all!

How was my experience, you might ask?

Blogger vs. WordPress

If there’s one thing I don’t like about migrating from Blogger to WordPress, it’s the fact that I have to pay for storage. With Blogger, I can freely upload as many photos I like. With WordPress, I’ll have to carefully decide which of the photos I’d share as each of them takes away my storage.

Aside from that, I’m completely OK with WordPress. I was used to WordPress because this is one of my tasks at work.


Now let’s go to Coffeemags. 🙂

Before migrating to WordPress, I already purchased a Domain with GoDaddy for a few years already. Next year, I plan on renewing my Domain via Coffeemags as well.

If there’s one word to describe my experience with Coffeemags, it would be GREAT!

Coffeemags Rate

With Coffeemags, my website is conveniently housed at $1 per month! That’s just $12 per annum or Php 600 something, so I get the professional help without breaking the bank! Along with that price comes a 1GB Disk Storage, a 20GB monthly bandwidth and reliable support.

Office Location

What I learned from Maan of Joyfulmess is that Coffeemags is from the Philippines which is why they’re easy to reach out. No time zones, no time difference, whatsoever. 🙂


Technical Support

Coffeemags reps never judge!

No matter how newbie-ish your question is, they deal with the issue right away without. You won’t feel discriminated at all. You know sometimes, we hesitate to ask someone because they might just laugh at how foolish our question is? I never felt that with Coffeemags. And for me, that is very important their business really involves a lot of technical assistance.

For almost three months with Coffeemags, I can say that I’m a 100% satisfied customer. I’ve asked them to help me with my website tags, broken photos, Google Analytics, and custom emails to name a few.

Customer Service Experience

I can contact them anytime through their Facebook page and I know I’ll get the help I need within 24 hours. They are really approachable. Talk about excellent customer support!

What Other Bloggers Say

Unsurprisingly, I’m not the only one who has a positive experience with Coffeemags. There are more satisfied bloggers like me who have been helped by Coffeemags over the years as well. Check their website to see more positive reviews from other bloggers – most of them I’ve already encountered online in the past either by comment exchange or some series of blog hopping. 🙂

If you are thinking about putting up a website, you may want to go with Coffeemags.

They always deliver. 🙂


Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. This is based on a personal experience as one of their clients. I just thought they deserve a good posting for all the help I got from them. Thanks, Coffeemags! Cheers to more years with you! 

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