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I Feel Depressed and Helpless

I feel Depressed and Helpless

Today, I wake up with Dane telling me he feels super down and depressed. He feels like no one’s helping him deal with the issue he’s currently facing. So me, being the the easily-worried wife that I am, asked why and he continued with his story. Between Dane and I, he’s the positive thinker, the one who doesn’t feel down so easily. So for him to feel this way, something must be wrong.

Here’s what happened:

Dane was charged for something which shouldn’t be. And we’re not talking about a small amount of money here, we’re talking about 1,170+┬áSaudi Riyals, which is about 16,000 Philippine Pesos. That’s a big amount of money. He’s billed because of a company car he uses to drive everyday. According to the report,┬áhe’s charged for “panel broken + mirror both + rear bumper + labor”. I’m guessing they reported that the car was needs fixing so he’s charged for the repair of it?

He immediately emailed them to clarify the charge he expected to be deducted this coming payday and to say that the car is working perfectly fine.

Ok, hang on…

I had to pause for a few minutes to talk to him again ’cause I feel like there’s a connivance going on here. Well, I hope my gut is wrong but if it isn’t then his company is playing jokes so others can earn money from the other employee which is 100% not right. Just when I was ready to let the 16k go but if it’s done on purpose, that’s a different story.

You see, the world is cruel. Marami ang manglalamang sa’yo, ang tanong dyan ay kung ano ang gagawin mo?

This is exactly why he’s going home for good. His work has become so toxic and he’s not compensated right. It’s funny gaano kabilis mag deduct sa mga employees nila. I don’t know pero awang awa ako sa asawa ko.

We made the right decision for him to leave.

And whatever it is that’s in store for us when he comes back home, bahala na si Lord. We’ll just commit everything to Him now.

I just realized…

This was what happened to Jesus. He perfect, he didn’t do anything wrong. However, Jude worked with the enemies so they can get Jesus. For what? For a few pieces of silver coins. Peter denied Jesus thrice to save himself. Jesus didn’t do anything, yet people crucified Him.

For all these, what did He say?

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”
Luke 23:34

As for Dane, I really don’t know what his next step is. But all I really want now is for him to get back home and we can start all over again…

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