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10 Terrific Years of Ups and Downs

10 Terrific Years of Ups and Downs

Dane and I just celebrated 10 Terrific Years of Ups and Downs!

Well, I’m a little bit late on this post since our anniversary was 6 days ago, but I can’t not post about it. With God’s grace, Dane and I are now in a relationship for a decade!

Just like many couples, hindi man pang-MMK ang love story namin, but it wasn’t all bed of roses either.

10 Terrific Years: Started Small

Dane and I became a couple when he was 19 and I was 18. At that time, we both didn’t have jobs. We had a very simple life. As in yung tipong kwek-kwek lang sa kalye, solve na kami. Most of the time, we’d walk from Payatas to Batasan Hills to save on our fare. How we survived? Two words – God’s grace.

Dane and I are both undergrads, so at that young age, you can just imagine kung paano kami nag doubt kung magiging ano kami paglaki, pareho naming hinahanap pa ang sarili namin at kung ano ang pwede naming gawin para makatulong sa pamilya (tapos nag bf/gf pa, hahaha).

10 Terrific Years: Slowly Learning Together

Later on, we decided we’d start doing something about ourselves. Hindi ako mahihiyang i-admit na I was great at using computer until I was 19. Dane was one of the people who taught me to use the computer (and thanks to the church’s computer, I was able to practice).

We both applied in TESDA so we could join the free training for Finishing Course for Call Center Agents. About 6 months after, I was hired in Sitel Philippines as a Customer Service Representative for a US-based retail store. Dane took a completely different path – he began working in food-related industries as a service crew.

With the little salaries we’re earning, we were able to send help to our family.

10 Terrific Years: The Engagement

While on our way from a conference, dahil nagbarko kami, lakas maka-reminisce! haha. Nakapagnilaynilay kami ni Dane tungkol sa buhay-buhay namin. This was in 2011, we were 2+ years together already. Dane suddenly said, “pakasal na tayo next year!”. That was the most informal proposal! haha. But yes, I said yes. No ring, no ceremonies, whatsoever, just serious life discussion. It wasn’t until October 2012 yung formal na pamamanhikan.

You see, at that time, we were both unemployed pa. As to how we’d make it, we weren’t sure. How we’ll earn money for the wedding, we didn’t know. All we know was we had to work.

10 Terrific Years: Prepping for the Wedding

I applied on another call center company so I could earn again and slowly save for our wedding. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case for Dane. It took time before he got another job, so we had some series of petty fights because I felt like he wasn’t serious with the wedding plans. You see, I was (and *sometimes* still) a worrisome, that’s why! LOL!

Thanks for Dane’s patience and God’s grace, he got a job on time, a few months before the wedding, so we were able to save. Also, I got an online job with quite a higher salary compared to my office job, thank God! But it wasn’t enough so we had to loan.

Ah! Speaking of that loan, it was such a roller coaster experience pa! Kasi yung guarantor ko, tinakbo na pala ang perang hiniram ko. Buti nalang naawa yung nagpapautang, nagbigay uli ng pera at sya nalang naghabol dun sa tumakbo ng perang hiniram namin. Imagine this was 2 days before the wedding! Grabe ang panic ko, LOL!

But God is great, He always makes everything in order.

10 Terrific Years: Life after the Wedding

With everything we’ve been through together, all I can say is God’s been very good in our lives. Talagang hindi nya kami pinabayaan. Grace greater than our sins sabi nga! He provided for our daily needs, I got pregnant 8 months after we wed and we became parents to Nate in May 2014.

The “parenting thing” was among the hardest, most challenging phase we had to survive. Especially when Nate was still a newborn. We’d argue most of the time but I’m glad we made it, still with God’s grace!

A year and a half after Nate was born, Dane decided to apply and work abroad and that’s what our current situation is. The good news is, he’s going home for good. And I’m really excited for what God has in store for us after this. Letting go of his job was not easy as he was earning quite a good amount of salary already, but Nate is growing up and we can’t stay away for long – that’s just not what we want for our family. So yeah, I know God will help us – He never fails, we just have to trust Him.

10 Terrific Years: What worked for us

Dane and I are not relationship experts but if you ask me what worked for us, it’s our passion to make this relationship work. Dane comes from a broken family and he doesn’t want that to happen to his own. I came from a poor yet complete family, we had a happy and simple childhood and that’s what I want for my own also. So, our different family backgrounds plus our desire to stay together, is the reason we remain faithful, we spend hours and hours of video calling for our quality time, and we strive to have an open communication. By doing all these, we glorify God with our marriage.

Every day is a struggle and a work in progress. We still have ups and downs, we don’t know what the future holds, but with God’s grace and guidance, we will make it through no matter what.

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  1. Pang-mmk yung tinakbo ang pera before the wedding. hehe! Happy Anniversary! Brace yourselves for many years to come. Basta naa si God everything is smooth. Hope and Trust lang gyud ta sa Iyaha. ^_^

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