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What God Has Done for Me

What God Has Done for Me

I sit and think of what to write
My mind, somehow, doesn’t give an insight.
So instead of forcing my head to work,
I pause and think of God’s great handiwork!

How awesome is this God who’s mighty and powerful,
To always think of me with affection so wonderful.
A lot of times I failed, hurt and betrayed Him
Yet His love and care for me stay the same.

When I think of what He’s done for me,
I can’t help but praise Him so fervently.
This magnificent and all-powerful God,
Cared for me who constantly made Him sad.

He was crucified for my transgressions,
He died to so I can have salvation.
The King of Heaven came down,
To save me who about to drown.

How can I repay Him for His love so faithful and true?
The one who died on the cross to save me and you.
Is this imperfect life enough to thank Him for what He’s done?
May the worship of my tongue bring glory to Him alone.

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