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Menstrual Cup Review: Is It For Me?

Anytime Menstrual Cup: Tried it, Here's What I Have to Say about MCs

I finally tried the menstrual cup!

I’ve been reading about menstrual cups for a few months a lot of moms swear by it! They said it’s life-changing and that they’re never going back to pads or tampons. So, ako, naintriga talaga ako sa kanya. Kaya nagbasa basa ako. The more I learned about it, the more that I wanted to give it a try.

Before we move on, pasintabi sa mga aloof pag-usapan ang periods or menstruation, OK. 🙂

Why Anytime Menstrual Cup?

I learned about the menstrual cup from the Facebook mommy group na sinalihan ko. There were other brands na recommended nila like Sinaya Cup or Me Luna. However, since I wasn’t sure whether I would like it or not, I decided to buy the cheaper brand. Anytime menstrual cup is also recommended by moms so nang makahugot ako ng lakas ng loob (at budget na rin, lol), bumili na ako online.

The First Attempt

I used it for the first time last month. And I can’t believe I’m saying this: hinihintay ko ang period ko this month para matry ko sya uli, hahaha!

The first few attempts were a fail, I didn’t like how it feels, I had to retry putting it on several times! As in mga 5 times siguro akong pabalik balik sa CR kasi naaasiwa ako. The menstrual cup users said you’re not supposed to feel anything at all. Kaya hindi ako tumigil until I felt at ease.

All the instruction is in the box, you’ll have all the support you need for your first try! LOL.

Since Anytime menstrual cup is long, plus may stem pa sya, nahirapan talaga akong mag adjust sa kanya! I decided to cut the stem kasi feeling ko hindi naman kailangan. Guess what, my workaround pala ang mga anytime menstrual cup users: pwede raw palang baliktarin yung cup para you’ll feel more at ease and that’s what I did!

After a few trial and errors, I finally learned how to put it on and remove it without worrying na baka kung anong mangyari! haha!

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Life-changing nga ba talaga?

Uy, I have to agree with the moms! I’m joining the “life-changing” club! haha! No more stain, no more “ew feeling”, no more gross pad smells, wala! All I did was remove when I think it was time to remove it, flush the blood in the toilet, put it back on and done! For the first time, hindi ko talaga ramdam na may period ako, kaya ang saya saya ko talaga na tinry ko sya! ♥

Anytime Menstrual Cup: Toss or Keep?

Well, it’s no doubt a KEEP! I have a lot of good reasons to keep it. One of them is less trash. Maganda na sa pakiramdam, bawas basura pa. Would I recommend this product? I certainly would. Para sa mga hindi takot sa dugo, para sa atin ‘to! 🙂

This post is not paid, I’m really just happy I tried the menstrual cup. It gave me great convenience and comfort!

Have you tried the menstrual cup yet? How was it?

If not, do you ever plan on trying it? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 🙂

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