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WAHM Life Update: Change of Plans

WAHM Life Update: Change of Plans

Change of plans. How many times has this happened to you? As for me, I don’t recall anymore!

Many of our plans changed before for some reason.

Lately, another major family plan has been changed. Dane is going home…For good! ♥

Change of Plans due to sickness

For the past few months, Dane has become so weak and sickly. He’s been having a recurring headache and it bothered me why it happened more often. One time he almost fainted and was so pale that they had to take him to the hospital. This was about a month or two ago.

His health is one of the factors we came up to this decision.


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Yung kahit may sakit ka papasok ka parin. OFW lng nkakaexperience non. @dnilyn12 @aboverubies_blog

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Change of Plans due to work understaffing

Dane assigned branch where he manages is understaffed. Same is true with the other company branches they have there. They’ve been having problems getting a working visa for Filipino workers lately. This is also the reason why his brother was unable to follow him, even after completing the application process.

Because of that, there are times that Dane and his team members would need to work straight. Anyone who’s tried working a straight shift knows how hard this is. The result is lack of sleep causing anemia. Imagine, when he was taken to the hospital, he just stayed there for an hour. There were only 2 people left in the branch to work so he could not stay long to rest.

It sad to see the person you love in pain. All the more know that he’s not getting enough rest. This is one of the many struggles of our OFWs. This is another reason why we finally decided he resigns. Actually, ako, matagal ko ng sinasabi sa kanya na umuwi nalang sya. Sya lang talaga ang nanghihinayang sa work nya.

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Change of Plans due to parental demands

If you ask Nate whether or not he wants his papa to go home, the answer is a definite YES. In fact, he wants him to go home as soon as possible! As if it’s possible, LOL!

Walang araw na hindi nagsasabi si Nate na, “Ma, I miss your asawa.” Nakakalungkot marinig. Naaawa ako kay Nate na lumalaking walang gabay ng papa. At kahit pa araw araw kaming nagchachat, syempre, iba parin yung kasama namin sya. So, when we told him his papa’s going home, he’s the happiest! No ifs, no buts and definitely no “what ifs”. Just pure excitement and happiness.

The fees

Because Dane is not going home for a vacation but to exit, we had to pay for his fare. The company rule is this:

  1. After 2 years, the vacation is company-paid. Yes when he went home last December, the airfare was free.
  2. The employee can go home after 1 year if he wishes, but he will have to pay for his own fare.
  3. The contract is 2 years. After that, the employee can resign at any time. Dane’s on his 3rd year this month.
  4. If the employee’s iqama has been renewed, he had to pay for the renewal fee. Unfortunately, late na nakapagpaalam si Dane na magresign kaya narenew na ang iqama nya. So, magbabayad kami ng 3000 SAR for the renewal of his iqama.

All of these terms, we chose to agree without questions, ang imporante nalang para sa’min ay makauwi na sya.


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Trusting God

What’s next for us?

With this unexpected change of plans, we are a few hundred thousand pesos short on our saving goals. We are currently praying for an online business we want to start when Dane comes home. This is still a trial and error for us but at least, the risk is low. So, we are entrusting this to God, hoping this is according to his will.

There’s no turning back for us now anymore. All I want is to just be excited and happy we finally had the courage to let go of a stable-paying job to be together again, finally, after more than 3 years.

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