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3 Things You Can Do to Clean Your Carpet Better

3 Things You Can Do to Clean Your Carpet Better

Dane has asthma and is allergic. His most common allergy triggers are food and dust. We fear that Nate will be allergic too, but so far, I don’t see any allergies. However, we are still careful because he might inherit Dane’s asthma. I really hope not. What I notice with Nate is he easily catches a cough and cold.

Here at home, we try to keep both Nate and Dane away from allergens, especially dust. This is one of the reasons why we don’t have a carpet. But I am still open to the thought of having a carpet in the future when we have our own home. I believe carpets don’t cause harm as long as they’re clean and well-maintained.

It is tough when dirt and stains stubbornly attach to your things, especially the carpet. This time, it is your chance to be tough. Below are 3 things you can do to make your carpet stain-free.


Keep messes away from your carpet.

Carpets are usually the hardest parts to clean in a house. Dirt and dust would more often than not stick to carpets more than any furniture or area of the house. That is why it should be well maintained if you want to keep it longer and serve its purpose as much as it can. Carpets are also an expensive purchase and considered one of the tall investments in the home. They can be best taken cared of when they are cleaned often.

Using walk-off mats inside and outside of the house can significantly help keep dirt off the carpeting. Coarse-textured mats at the doorstep can remove soil from shoes which can be carried off to the carpets. How often you clean your carpet depends on the carpet traffic you have at home. If you have kids and pets around all the time, clean your carpet as often as you can. Do not allow your carpet to look filthy before cleaning it as it may become harder to remove all the dirt and may take longer to clean and may cost you extra.

3 Things You Can Do to Clean Your Carpet Better

Spot clean your carpet.

No matter how much you care for the spotlessness of your carpeting, spills and stains cannot be avoided. Some way, sometime in the lifespan of your carpet, it will encounter stains more likely when you have kids and pets around. Some would be stubborn stains while others may be removed simply with water. For those hard to remove stains and deep-seated dirt, you may need a machine to help you clean.

Those are the jobs for the spot carpet cleaner, which are little handheld machines which take care of the spills and stains that are hard to clean manually. You can check out the reviews of different models of spot carpet cleaners at to find out which type you need and which would work best for your household. The right people for the job can surely keep your carpet stain-free.

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Vacuum your carpet regularly.

Vacuuming your carpet regularly can keep it squeaky clean all the time. Uncleaned carpet looks dull and dirty, so if you want it to look like the way it was on day one, you must have a regular vacuum schedule. Do not wait for your carpet to get filthy before you clean it.

When its color starts looking dull, it means you need to get your vacuum out. It is recommended to vacuum the high traffic areas twice a week while the rest of the carpet can be done at least once a week. Regular vacuuming of your carpeting can protect it from dirt which usually acts like little blades which can cut carpet fibers when you frequently walk on it. You can maintain your carpet for a long time with regular vacuuming.

Making your carpet stain-free is not such a daunting task if you keep a regular vacuum schedule. Keeping it clean by acting on spills and stains as soon as possible keeps it looking new and serve you for many more years to come. Keep in mind these tips and strategies to help you out in keeping your carpeting spic and span.

There you have it, 3 things you can do to make your carpet stain-free. 🙂

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