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3 Easy Things You Can Do To Help the Environment

3 Easy Things You Can Do To Help the Environment

Today, we see trash everywhere. And it is very alarming. In fact, this is the very reason why I try to limit the plastic trash at home. I’ve been putting our plastic trash to eco-bricks for a few months now. It’s shocking how many we can put it just 1 liter of eco-bricks. I know it’s a small effort but I’m happy we’re making it a habit to segregate plastic trash. I’m still unsure how and where I can donate them but at least now we’re becoming more and more aware of it. This way, we can help the environment little by little.

Mother earth, has in the recent times been faced with numerous challenges, one of them being global warming. This has been brought about by numerous other contributing factors such as deforestation, pollution, and use of fossil fuel among others. All these have negatively impacted our environment. However, we can still do our part to help keep our environment clean and healthy. Below are three ways in which we can help to better our environment.

Embrace Eco-friendly Bags

Pollution has been one of the problems that Mother Earth has had to grapple with. To be precise plastic pollution has become our number one contributor in harming our environment. Nowadays, most of the products we consume are either made of plastic or come packed in plastic. The water ecosystems and by far our oceans have been affected profoundly by plastic dumping which has in turn affected marine life and other human livelihood means. An estimated 46% of the plastic float in our oceans and other water ecosystems according to EPA 2006 report.

It is also estimated that around 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. All these put our environment in danger. So, to help protect the environment, you can say no to plastic bags and embrace reusable and eco-friendly bags and bottles. We can reuse them for a very long time. In addition, they pose a minimal health risk to you and the environment at large. Try the eco-friendly bags on and help protect the environment.

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Help Create Environmental Awareness

They say people perish because of lack of knowledge. Yes, creating awareness on environmental issues can be a good way for you to help the environment. Start by educating your family and friends on the importance of keeping the environment clean. Share with them some of the environmental issues and keep them informed. Furthermore, you can use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to try and reach to a greater audience and educate them on the environmental issues.

Sharing such information with people will make them aware of what is happening and they will take up the issue seriously. Additionally, you can also organize environmental workshops and seminars so that people can engage in matters environment. Keeping the environmental discourse going on will go a long way in helping you protect the environment.


Engage In Tree Planting Initiatives

The trees are the lungs of the world. They help in sequestering of billions of tons of carbon (IV) oxide from the atmosphere. But this important resource has been under enormous threat in the recent years due to deforestation. Statistics tell us that an estimated 13 million hectares of forest land has been wiped out to deforestation. We cannot understate the importance of trees.

This makes it important to plant and conserve them by all means. To help the environment, then you need to engage in planting trees consistently so as to keep our forests intact and our environment clean. If you plant trees then it means you will be able to get shade, fruits, timber, medicine and raw materials for making more eco-friendly bags. In addition, organize or take part in tree planting exercises around your community and keep encouraging people to plant more trees.

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