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WordPress VS Blogger: Which is Better?

Blogger VS Wordpress: Which is Better?

After months (fine, maybe a year) of convincing, I finally migrated from Blogger to WordPress! Do I like it? Should I regret doing it? And which is better?

Why I was hesitant

The first time I was advised by my blogger friends to move my blog to WordPress, I hesitated because I know there are so many things to consider when I make my blog self-hosted. Aside from that, I thought migrating takes too much time. I was sure I’dl dig up my old posts and update them when I do. And I was right! LOL!

I was too lazy to do it. That’s it. So I had so many excuses. 

What made me decide to finally migrate

I’ve been very busy the past few weeks that blogging was the very least that comes to mind. I even thought of abandoning my blog for a short while. Thankfully, I didn’t do it. Since I didn’t have much time to promote my blog posts anymore, I thought it’s about time I learn about SEO. Yes, the #1 reason for migrating was SEO, definitely.

What I like about WordPress

Although I know how to use WordPress because I do it at work, it’s still different when it’s your own blog. Here are the top 3 things I like WordPress.

1. SEO – One of the plugins I immediately downloaded Yoast SEO. Lately, I now longer join comment exchanges and other syndications to promote my blog on social media. So I am slowly learning SEO. Hopefully, I can maintain my blog this way, even without promoting it as often as I usually do.

2. More plugins – Your options for plugins are ENDLESS with WordPress. I remember with Blogger before, I had to Google for codes. Most of the changes that I wanted to be done on my blog have to do with codes when I was using Blogger. With WordPress, all I have to do is know which specific plugin I need, install and activate. And then poof! It became Coco Crunch! Just kidding. 🙂

3. Support – This may not be totally related to WordPress. When a blogger turns her site into a self-hosted one, she immediately gets support from her hosting. I, for instance, find great help from the hosting I chose which is Coffeemags.

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What I don’t like about WordPress

So far, there’s only 1 reason not to like WordPress. For me, it’s the storage. With Blogger, I don’t have to worry about filling my post with photos. I can still do that now. However, I now have to consider my storage. Currently, I only have 1 GB storage and I’ve already used up 600 MB. More storage means more payment. So, I now have to consider the storage on my every post. I’ll find a workaround for it, though.

WordPress VS Blogger: Which is Better?

So, if we talk about WordPress VS Blogger war, I’ll have to go with WordPress 100%. Did I regret not migrating before? Em, not really. Am I thankful that I finally migrated? Yes, I am. 🙂

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