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Why the Vivo V9 Is the Ultimate Affordable Smartphone You Can Buy Today

Why the Vivo V9 Is the Ultimate Affordable Smartphone You Can Buy Today

Are you looking to update your smartphone experience? Perhaps to something that’s near cutting-edge levels without having to pay top peso for it? You should definitely look into Vivo’s latest flagship phone, the Vivo V9. Sporting premium looks, a premium handfeel and premium specs without the hefty pricetag, the V9 will impress any onlooker, whether they’re a mobile casual or a bonafide tech aficionado—all without breaking your bank. If you’re interested, then read on as we enumerate all the reasons why you should buy the Vivo V9 in the Philippines.

iPhone X looks without the iPhone X price tag

The first thing everyone will notice about the Vivo V9 is how great it’s doing in the looks department. It’s got everything it needs to turn heads in this smartphone generation: an aggressive 90% screen to body ratio, a minimal but tasteful bezel, and gorgeous, curved Gorilla Glass encasing the entire device from back to front. Its metal and polycarbonate construction adds to the premium feel with a nice and balanced heft. Best of all, it even has that signature smartphone notch up top that Apple went ahead and popularized with the iPhone X, and nearly every flagship device is sporting now. This means that you won’t miss out no matter where you find yourself in, whether it’s in a group of bleeding-edge tech enthusiasts or a gaggle of casual smartphone fans.

A brilliant display to keep up with the rest of them

It’s no different when you go up close and personal, too. The Vivo V9 sports a 6.3-inch Incell IPS LCD display, capable of outputting vibrant and colorful graphics at a crisp 1080 x 2280 pixel resolution. The 19:9 Full HD+ panel is also no slouch when it comes to viewing angles, brightness and colors, allowing for high-fidelity visuals even if you’re using the phone out in the day or holding it in an angled grip. Finally, if you’re concerned about the notch getting in the way of any apps, don’t be. the notch is firmly in place where the status bar should be, so it’s always out of the way even during any full-screen action.

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The best selfie phone camera money can buy—for cheap

Selfie-wise, even the smartphones at the top of the pack have trouble keeping up with the Vivo V9. This is due to its awesome front-facing camera, which packs a whopping 24MP of pure selfie-taking power. This ensures that every self or group photo will turn out as crisp and detailed as it could possibly want, perfect for sharing on social media or just showing off. If you feel that your photos could do with a bit of spicing or touching up, then you can do so freely as the Vivo V9’s camera function comes packed in with a rich suite of additional features, such as visual filters, HDR, augmented reality stickers and emojis.

But what about its rear-facing cameras? The V9 is no slouch in that regard either, sporting not one but two cameras to take photos with. The first camera, which does most of the picture-taking, packs a very respectable 12MP of resolution with every shot. The supplemental 5MP one assists in giving your images a great sense of depth. This, in return, can help with those lustrous bokeh shots. This setup also ensures that the Vivo V9 can handle most lighting conditions, from broad daylight to low light.

Specs to compete with the best

All of this is nothing if the hardware inside isn’t worth talking about. This is definitely not the case with the Vivo V9. First, it’s powered by a 2.2. GHz Octacore Snapdragon 626 SoC. This improves vastly on its reliable and dependable predecessor the 625 in terms of performance and refinements. Combined with 4GB ram and 64GB storage that’s expandable up to 256 GB (thanks to an SD card slot), you’re guaranteed quick, smooth, and lag-free enjoyment no matter what kind of media you throw at the V9. Second, it runs on Vivo’s own take on the AndroidOS Oreo 8.1, named FunTouch OS4.0. This essentially means that the V9 offers a more stable, intuitive,and feature-rich experience than other Android smartphones on the market. That’s because most of them are currently confined to AndroidOS Oreo 8.1 or Android Nougat.

Finally, the battery life. The Vivo V9 has a 3620mAh battery, which offers one and half day’s worth of juice on a full charge. Sadly it has no quick charging. But playing around with its power saving features can easily stretch out the battery mileage for far longer.

Tech can be expensive, especially in this day and age. By making the right choices and doing your own research, you can get the features you want without overspending. The Vivo V9, with all these features, is more than just a budget-friendly option to a Samsung or Apple flagship. It’s a healthy and vibrant competitor that can easily stand toe to toe with either of them. Get one today and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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