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Storybook PH: Remember. Forever

Storybook PH: Remember Forever

Storybook PH is the newest thing I got to try. So, I’m sharing with you why I like it and what I think the site should work on to better serve their customers.

Last month, I was contacted by Storybook PH marketing team. They offered for me to try out their site in exchange for an honest review. Being a photobook lover that I am, I went ahead and really planned what I would be printing next.

I decided to print our Baguio visit in 2015 together with my entire family. There’s something about photobooks that make me giggle. I don’t know! It’s probably just me but I like our photos printed. So, dati, todo effort ako, nagpapaprint sa labas, bumibili ng photo albums tapos iniisa-isa sa pagdikit ang mga pictures sa album. Nilalagyan ko pa ng mga captions yan, haha!

I’m glad those days are over! Sobrang time-consuming! Thank goodness for photobooks.

Ok, so eto na nga, here’s what I love about the Storybook PH website. Because yes, this isn’t my last order with them. 🙂

1. Fast upload

If you haven’t tried yet, this is how photobooks work: first, you upload the photos, you design your photobook, finish all the layout and checkout. Since I order my photobooks before via Photobook Philippines, sya talaga ang magagamit ko pang compare dito sa Storybook PH.

So when I uploaded about 300+ photos to the Storybook PH website, I left it there because I thought it would take almost an hour to complete the download. To my surprise, wala pang 5 minutes, tapos na maupload lahat. So shookt talaga ako! haha.

Note that I don’t have a fibr connection. My internet plan was only for 15mbps, I’m guessing around the time I was uploading the photos, it was at its usual speed of 7 something mbps. So, a fast download is really a plus for me!

2. Photo preview feature

Storybook PH has a photo preview feature. Photobook Philippines doesn’t have that option on its Photobook creator. Why is this feature great? Because you won’t keep guessing kung blurry ba yung picture o hindi kasi mapepreview mo sya bago ka magdecide kung isasama mo ba sya sa album mo.

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3. Themes and Layouts

Storybook PH also has themes and layouts you can choose from. Heads up, though, if you are too artsy and you want more designs on your photobook, you might think Storybook PH doesn’t have that. They do have themes and layouts but not as much as the ready-made themes you can get from Photobook PH.

4. User-friendly

Storybook PH is super-duper easy to use. Ang pinakagusto ko sa kinila ay yung select ka lang ng select ng picture tapos, automatic na syang mag aadjust ng layout para sa’yo. Hindi ka limitado sa kung anong layout ang meron sila. Kung OK lang sayo na medyo maliit ang pagkakaprint ng pics basta maprint lahat ng gusto mo, go!

5. Ships from the Philippines

Storybook PH is a Philippine site and company. If you are a “support-local” person, you’ll definitely love them. Not only that, since it ships from the PH, mas mura talaga ang shipping fee nya.

What Storybook PH should work on:

More payment options

I think what Storybook PH can do for now to better assist their customer is to make more payment options available. As of the moment, they only have PayPal and BDO (Bank Deposit) as their payment option.

More themes

I think more themes and layouts will attract more customers. So, perhaps the site can work on that too.

Go mobile

As of the moment, Storybook PH doesn’t have a mobile app yet. Since more and more people are going mobile now, this can be a good option for their customers.

Aside from Photobooks, Storybook PH also have prints on wood and canvass wall art. The prices are definitely cheaper. You might want to give them a try! 🙂 Remember forever. Visit their website at www.storybook.ph for rates and options.

Overall, I like Storybook PH. This is definitely not my last order with them. I still have so many photos to print, LOL! In fact, I’m planning to reprint our wedding photos. Kasi naman ang bigat ng photo album namin tapos ang konti lang naman ng pictures. LOL!

Have you tried Storybook PH? How was your experience with their site? I’d like to hear from you.

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