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Expressing Gratitude to Your Spouse

Expressing Gratitude to Your Spouse

Expressing gratitude towards other people is important. It can brighten up someone’s day.

Dane and I are not a perfect couple. Just like other real couples, we’d have arguments and disagreements from time to time. Thankfully, by God’s grace and our love for each other, we are still going strong. In fact, a few months from now, we’ll be celebrating our 10 years as a couple. 

Tough decision of working abroad

In 2015, Dane decided to work abroad. It was among the toughest decisions we had to agree on. I was filled with worries at that time. A lot of “what ifs” crept into my mind for the first few months that he was away. What if one of us finds someone else? What if one of us will be tempted? I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Looking at it now, I’d just smile at all the anxieties I had before. I will not tire of saying this again and I again: it is only by God’s grace that we made it through so far.

Expressing gratitude

It’s quite easy to express gratitude when you are together. It’s a different story when you’re in a long distance relationship. However, it’s doable.

Spend time

That other way to express gratitude to your spouse other than giving your time?

Dane’s love language is quality time. When I get too busy at work and we couldn’t have time to talk for long hours on the phone, I can sense that he needs it, even without him telling me.

So yes, every day, I do my best to wake up around the time that he’s already done working so we could talk. It’s funny, during the first few months that he was away, we were feeling uneasy with a video call. LOL! We were more used sending instant messages. ‘Di kasi kami sanay mag video call talaga. haha.

However, as soon as we got used to it, we could stay on video chat for up to 3 hours.

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Vocally express gratitude

Dane is not the sweetest, most romantic person on Earth. We both know that. And I have accepted that a few years back already. Mas sweet pa nga si Nate sa kanya, actually, haha. Despite that, he’s also aware that he needs to nurture our relationship.

A few weeks back, he sent long messages filled with appreciations of me. Syempre, ako, naluha ako sa saya. We, ladies, know that the last thing we ever want is an unappreciative partner. So I was thankful he did that. This was his response:

“…dapat may time tau na ganito love. Express natin yung love natin sa sarili. Kasi pag medyo lumamig tau aatakihin tau ng kaaway.”

Which is very true! Couples nowadays are bombarded with so many temptations. Totoo ‘yung malingat ka lang, naunahan ka na. So I believe that we should learn to appreciate our spouse, based on their love language.

Expressing Gratitude to Your Spouse

Like I said, we are imperfect couples. We need to work on our relationship every day. So while we agree that we still have so many things to learn, we will continue to nurture our relationship by expressing gratitude towards each other on a regular basis.

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