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The “5-Minute” MMDA Fiasco

The "5 Minutes" MMDA Fiasco

A few days ago, a video of a fiscal arguing with an MMDA enforcer has been circulating the social media. If you are always online on Facebook, it’s impossible not to see it – IT’S EVERYWHERE! I’m talking about the infamous 5-minute MMDA fiasco.

But just in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the full video:

5-Minute MMDA Fiasco

In this almost 15-minute long video, we see a woman who appears to be a fiscal, arguing with everyone in MMDA because her car was going to be towed over an offense but she argues she’s within the 5-minute rule. Furthermore, she refuses to give her license until her husband came.

Many netizens say that she possibly didn’t have the license. And was just arguing to buy more time for her husband to arrive with her license. Long story short, this 5-Minute MMDA Fiasco enraged almost everyone. Many found the couple arrogant. In all honesty, I also think that they’re feeling so entitled.

Lately, though, the couple has already issued a public apology.

The 5-minute rule

Okay, I am nowhere near knowledgeable when it comes to cars and traffic rules. We never had a car so I am completely unaware at first they the offense was. But here’s a screencap from the ABS-CBN website explaining what it is. For those who don’t know it like me. 🙂

5 minute rule

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My Two Cents on the 5-Minute MMDA Fiasco

This incident made me think of so many things.

  1. You can’t buy decency. Our attitude doesn’t depend on our financial status. Some people can be utterly disrespectful. And they can be either super rich or super poor. Money is never a guarantee that one will have a good attitude.
  2. Unfollowing civilians = useless rules. Our country has so many rules. The thing is, they’re useless most of the time. Why? Because people don’t follow them. The entitled can easily pay any offense to get away from it. To some, when they use their position and power. Kawawang Pilipinas.
  3. Using kids to our advantage. Towards the end of the video, it seems that the husband is using the wife’s pregnancy to get away from the MMDA folks. Whether she’s pregnant or not, I’m not sure. We know pregnant women are treated with high regards. They are prioritized. So if she really is pregnant, I hope that the baby is fine. However, if she’s not, ewan ko nalang!
  4. What am I teaching my child? This video actually reminds me of Nate and how I raise him up. I’m definitely hoping (and praying) he doesn’t grow up to be very disrespectful. I hope he learns that admitting a mistake doesn’t mean a failure.

Incidents like this still have both a negative and positive effect on people. As for me, this served as a reminder to stay respectful to our rulers – pray for them. And obey the law as much as possible. May we all be reminded by this 5-minute MMDA fiasco that respect begets respect.

Have a great day to all!

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