Video Resume + Life Lately

My Video Resume + Life Lately
As shown in the title above, I’m sharing with you the first video resume sample I created last month. I recently joined a month-long webinar with Filipina Homebased moms in hopes of widening my understanding on freelancing. This is also why I don’t post often recently (but that’s another story because lately, I’m feeling like my blog is going nowhere).

Will I ever be using this video resume? 

I’m not sure, but I plan on finding a part-time job next year when Nate starts schooling. I might use this when I start looking for another source of income or I might create a new one. We’ll see about that.
This video was uploaded on the FHMom’s YouTube page after I shared it.
This is my first attempt at PowToon, a site well-known for creating animated presentations and animated explainer videos. Out of curiosity, I decided to try it out. And to my surprise, I think it’s safe to say quite a bunch of people like it.
I am currently trying to create a new presentation for FHMoms, hopefully, I get to finish it before the end of the week. I was able to record my voiceover earlier today but I feel like it’s a bit lousy so I’ll try again tomorrow morning when it’s quieter (except for the roosters, ugh!).

As for Nate and our homeschooling…

Well, all doing good so far, we’re still more focused on writing as that’s what I think he needs to work on before we enroll him to kindergarten next year. We usually spend probably 10 – 20 mins on writing/coloring. Then we’d either do a little art or play his favorite Fun Thinkers from Grolier.
He’s no problem when it comes to reading so our only reading exercises are his daily devotion that usually lasts for 3-5 minutes (including meditation) and reading books and Bible stories from time to time.

As for Dane…

He was sick 2 weeks ago that he had to go to the hospital for immediate treatment. He was so pale, I even told him he almost looked like a dead person. His job is to blame – they’re understaffed and he doesn’t get enough sleep sometimes when she’s scheduled for an opening shift.

Thankfully, he’s able to recover right away but we’re hoping he can go on vacation so he can get a little rest. The end of September this year will be his 3rd anniversary, so, hopefully, he can go home and spend a little time with us to get more rest.

Nate is currently sick as well, he has a cough and colds. He’s taking mixed oregano extract and kalamansi. Thankfully, he’s now getting better. I hope he recovers soon.

As for this blog…

Just like what I said earlier, recently, I feel like my blog is going nowhere. It could be because I was looking at other blogger’s achievements. I feel like they’re doing their blogging right and I don’t. Am I inspiring anyone with my blog? Am I of help to any who visits this blog?

Is my blog useful at all?

These thoughts tell me I am getting more and more conscious of the “numbers” and “reach” when I should. I forgot why I created this blog in the first place: to document my son’s milestones and document our family memories.

I should reset my thinking about it.

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