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A Simple Life, A Happy Life

A Simple Life, A Happy Life

Is it just me or we all wish for a simple life?

The weather, plus my hormones, I guess, are making me overthink more often these past few days.

I’ve been thinking about life – ours to be exact.

And the lives of other people I know…

Dane and I seem to be living a rat race now. With him having a hard time deciding whether he should go home for good or not. And I can’t take it. It’s making me really, really sad.


Why do we need to do this?

Why do we define success by having a good career, a nice car, a big home and a large amount in our bank account?

Can’t we all just live a simple life?

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This is certainly not the life I wanted for my family…

It’s a sacrifice for the family, yada yada. Yeah. But is this sacrifice even worth it in the end?

Here we are, a family living separate lives, trying our best to save up so we can maybe have an ample amount to start a business. When is this even going to end?

I am sick and tired of this adulting. I really just want to be away from everything. Away from the city, away from the hustles and bustles of life. Funny it’s so simple but so hard to do, especially if you have kids who depend on you. Because when you are a parent already, life is not just about you anymore.

How wonderful it would be to live a simple life, away from social media, away from the internet, away from toxic, from the pressure of us already getting old and still not having a house or a car of our own.

Not earning much but living simply and happily.

I can just wish.


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