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5 Things You Need When Setting Up a Rooftop Garden


Setting Up a Rooftop Garden. Your yard isn’t the only place in your property that can support plant life. You can actually start a garden on your rooftop. You need to prepare your rooftop and turn it into a habitable environment for plants, just like you would a typical yard.

Still, you need a few special steps. This way, you can grow a thriving garden right near your living or working area. It’s a different gardening experience at first. However, setting up a rooftop garden will prove to be just as rewarding as nurturing a regular garden. Here are some things that you need when setting up your rooftop garden.

Permission from your landlord.

The first thing you need to do before you start buying or setting up anything is to make sure that setting up a rooftop garden is perfectly fine in your area. In some places, setting up a rooftop garden is prohibited. This is due to accessibility concerns, height restrictions, and fire regulations. If there are no such rules in place in your area, you should still get the express approval of your landlord for such a project.

Lightweight potting soil and planting containers.

Once you get the greenlight for your rooftop garden, you can start working on the project by purchasing lightweight pots and potting soil. Use plastic, foam, or fiberglass materials as these can help ease the burden on your roof.

Lightweight potting soil can be used instead of regular garden soil, and foam pieces can stand in for heavier drainage materials, like pebbles, rocks, or pottery shards.  Also, consider how heavy the garden will be, including the weight of the plants once they’ve reached full height, and check if your roof can support the garden without compromising the structural integrity of your home or your safety.

Accessories like solar fountains and furniture sets.

Plants are far from the only things that can make your rooftop garden easier on the eyes. You can also put additional accessories such as sturdy furniture sets, statues that fit in with your garden’s theme, or even a solar fountain from Kinetic Fountains.

These pieces will make your rooftop garden more inviting, plus they don’t cost a lot of extra resources. A small solar fountain, in particular, is pretty economical as it runs on solar energy, plus it’s also easy to place and maintain.

As for your furniture set, make sure to pick pieces that are lightweight yet sturdy, such as those made of bamboo, plastic, aluminum, or light wood. After all, you don’t want the wind to easily knock over your chairs and you don’t want your tables to age prematurely due to overexposure to the sun.

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Lanterns or spotlights.

If you’re planning on enjoying your rooftop garden at night, then invest in some warm-light lanterns or spotlights. Avoid harsh lighting as they might disturb your neighbors and contribute to light pollution.

Make sure your lights are well-protected from the elements and won’t pose any hazard during inclement weather. Also, stay away from candles as much as you can, as they can be easily knocked over by strong winds and become a fire hazard.

A water storage system.

Your rooftop garden needs frequent watering, just like any other garden. Make sure you have easy access to water while on your rooftop to make watering your plants less of a chore. If not, look into installing a rainwater storage system.

Setting Up a Rooftop Garden

Setting up your own rooftop garden seems like a very challenging and complicated prospect at first, but it can be quite easy if you have the right tools for the job. Just remember to keep the items listed above firmly in mind as you go about assembling your own little piece of green heaven in the concrete jungle, and you won’t go wrong..


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