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Our Informal Homeschooling Update

Our Informal Homeschooling Update

In my previous post, I talked about us deciding to delay enrolling Nate in a school for another year and just do informal homeschooling for the last year that he’s exclusively ours.

So far, our so-called homeschooling is going fine. We spend 30 mins to 1 hour every Mondays to Fridays for this. I call it informal homeschooling because there was no curriculum and seminar before this. I just want for Nate to learn how to read and write before we enroll him. So far, things are going really well.

I bought writing & coloring books before we started on June 4th. Yes, sinabay ko sya sa pasukan ng karamihan, lol. He’s learning to write little by little. No pressure at all – I just have him work on what he can work on while having fun.

Materials we purchased: 

I bought him a few school supplies and also tried to condition his mind that we’ll be homeschooling. We have role-playing and now, he knows that during “homeschool” time, I’m a teacher and he’s a student. 🙂

We bought the following:
– pencils, crayons, sharpener, watercolor
– glue stick, eraser, sharpener
– manila paper, folders, bond papers, art papers, color papers
– coloring book & writing book
– paper & water-based paints

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Writing Activities

We always start with writing exercises because that’s his greatest challenge for now. We’ll be working on the letter J tomorrow. But of course, Nate is just 4 and he doesn’t remember everything so he has to be refreshed of what he’s learned. We’re using the alphabet writing book I bought from National Bookstore. He’s enjoying it, although, may mga panahon talagang tamad sya, hindi ko nalang sya pinipilit. 🙂 He’s starting to love writing.

Reading Activities

Reading is just a reinforcement because Nate is good at reading. We’re using his “One Year Devotions for Preschoolers: Grow with God” book for this exercise. Nate is not familiar with punctuations yet – he doesn’t know when to stop reading, lol. So that’s what I’m slowly introducing to him. I like this devotion because it also helps him learn new words.


Reinforcement activities

This one’s nothing special – I just do anything that can reinforce what he’s learned during our writing exercises. Sometimes, I’d write a bunch of letters in a bond paper and tell him to encircle words that start with this letter or that. Sometime’s we’d color or paint together. We’d also play with his Fun Thinkers sometimes – I like this one too, it helps with his thinking skills.

Our Informal Homeschooling Update

We’re both enjoying this home learning so far. I may not be able to post on this blog too often as I usually do, I don’t regret it – this is the last year that Nate will be with us 24/7, I don’t want to miss it. I hope that with God’s help, I’ll be able to sustain this ’til he set his foot in a school. It’s wonderful to see him develop slowly, I am proud of him. ♥

Any advice from my fellow bloggers who are homeschooling will be greatly appreciated! ♥

6 Replies to “Our Informal Homeschooling Update”

  1. If I will have a second child, late ko din ienroll, ako na lang din muna magtuturo. Nakakastress kasi ngayon magschool so I want my child to enjoy his childhood first bago mastress sa kakaaral. Madami sa Pinterest na mga worksheets for kids. Ang galing naman magbasa ni Nate.

  2. I envy moms who really got to spend time with their children. I am a working mom and had to leave my children to yayas to work. I never seem to find the timw and strength I wanted to homeschool my children.

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