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Fully Trusting God

Fully Trusting God

Dane and I have been married for 5 years now. This coming October, we’ll celebrate 10 years of togetherness. We have had so many plans for us and for our family – some were realized, some were totally forgotten. After all these years, fully trusting God is what keeps us going.

A lot of family plans

For example, we planned that his stay in KSA should only be 2 years – that didn’t happen. In fact, he’s back there now. He said he we didn’t have enough savings. And that we might regret it if he doesn’t come back.

We planned to move to Leyte supposedly last summer – that didn’t happen either because I just found that the internet connection in the area is unreliable. We planned on enrolling Nate this school year but we ended up homeschooling. And it’s perfectly fine – some plans are just not meant to happen.

Another plan now

Just recently, we have a new plan which we don’t really know whether it’s possible or not. We can’t disclose it yet because as of the moment, we really have no idea if it’s going to happen for us – we’re still inquiring. I am kind of excited about it but whether this plan will be realized or not, we leave everything to God.

Sometimes, if not most of the time, Christians get frustrated when our plans don’t happen. However, it’s important to think that if we submit all our plans to God, everything will fall into place – whether our plans become reality or not.

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God’s answers to prayers

When we pray to God about something, He always answers it in 3 different ways:

1. YES. So, rejoice!
2. NO. I have something better.
3. (and)
WAIT. because it’s not the right time yet. 

So whenever we commit our plans to God, I don’t worry. I know He knows what’s best for us.

Fully Trusting God

Let’s admit it, we all want a YES. That’s why we get upset if we find out it’s a no. However, let this be a reminder that when we get a no, God has something better in mind. What’s the best thing to do? Pray continually about this plan – and we leave the result to God.

Fully trusting God with everything means allowing and waiting for Him to do what’s best for us.

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