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Jampacked Mother’s Day 2018 Celebration

Jampacked Mother's Day 2018 Celebration

Belated Happy Mother’s to all my fellow moms! How did your Mother’s day go? I hope you had a fun Mother’s Day celebration yourself. Doesn’t have to be all bongga, mas importante na kasama ang pamilya.

As for us, I didn’t plan anything grand for the Mother’s Day, even if I’m a mom now, Mother’s Day is still more about remembering my mother and what she’s done for our family.

Since Mother’s Day always falls on a Sunday, we were recognized in the church. We watched a short video clip (a touching one I should say) and our pastor prayed for us. The youth treated us with a yummy cupcake too.

Mother’s Day Church Recognition

Ang mga youth namin sa church, hindi nauubusan ng pakulo para sa Mother’s Day. This year, they treated us with a yummy cupcake and never failed to recognize all the church moms here and abroad.

Jampacked Mother's Day 2018 Celebration

There were 7 couples who attended the fellowship and a few individuals like me who attended even without their spouses. 🙂 After our worship service, we prepped for our first local couple’s fellowship.

Couple’s Fellowship

This fellowship is meant (but not limited to) the couples in our church – more about bonding and restoring relationships. We were joined by couples from Binangonan (Rizal) church and we celebrated the rest of the mother’s day celebrating with the believers in the Lord.

We started our couple’s fellowship by singing jolly songs to cheer us up and glorify God at the same time. Then we played 2 icebreakers which were really fun – nakakatuwa panoorin maglaro ang mag-aasawa. Simpleng game lang pero talagang nag enjoy lahat, kahit kami na nanonood lang. lol!

Jampacked Mother's Day 2018 Celebration
These simple games like stop dance habang may kalamansi at SYA/AKO added fun to this fellowship! Nag enjoy ang mga couples maglaro pero mas nag-enjoy kaming manood! hahaha.

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Games and Movie Night

After the games, we watched a movie. This was the highlight of this fellowship. And because the movie was 2-hour long, we didn’t waste time and immediately began our “film showing”. We watched “Fireproof (Never leave your partner behind)”, it’s a movie perfect for couples of any age. It’s a beautiful movie and it’s perfect to watch with your partner.

After the movie, we were all stuck and teary-eyed. I’ve watched this movie before pero kahit ilang beses ko siguro panoorin to, iiyak parin ako. lol.

We then had a group reflection and sharing and we all had our chance to talk about which part of the movie affected us the most. It was heartwarming, made me really wish Dane was there to experience the fellowship with me.

Sharing and Prayer

After our group discussion, we had the couples talk to each other and pray and that’s what they did.

Jampacked Mother's Day 2018 Celebration

We ended the fellowship with good food (of course). We were able to do some catching up while eating. It was fun, it feels good as one of the organizers to see that it was a success and most of all, it feels great to be able to fellowship with the members of the Body of Christ.

Jampacked Mother's Day 2018 Celebration

My prayer is that this experience will help strengthen us even more as we face life’s challenges together as husbands and wives. Certainly, it was a memory worth-keeping.

“Love is not a fight, but it’s something worth fighting for.”

“Never leave your partner behind, especially in a fire.”

“What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.”
-Matthew 19:6

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  1. Happy Mother's Day! We had a simple Mother's Day celebration din last weekend. We just ate buffet lunch in advance para hindi pa punuan sa restaurant. I've watched Fireproof movie before and this is really a nice movie.

  2. Belated happy mother's day! Parang ang sarap nung Buffet lunch, hehe. I can watch Fireproof over and over again! lol. It's a wonderful movie reminder for couples.

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