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Be Kind, You Don’t Know How What it Can do to Someone

Be Kind - You Don't Know How Much Impact it Can Do to Someone

When you are a customer service rep, you are so used to screaming, lying and cursing mouths over the phone. Most often, even if you put your headset away from your ears, you can still hear them scream atop their lungs.

Don’t ask me how I survived this job for almost 9 years now. I don’t know the answer either. LOL!

Sometimes though, along the way, you get to talk to someone who’s going to brighten up your day. And you’ll not forget that person whoever she/he is. What’s funny is, in this type of job, it’s the nice people that surprise you like, “hala! Ang bait nya!”

Of all the years I was working as a CSR, I only remember very few people who were extremely nice to me that even up to now, I still don’t forget them.

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Kind People are Not Forgotten

One of them is a teenager back in 2012 when I was still working as a CSR for Barnes & Noble. Our convo was still very clear in my mind. Called about her order of physical books of the Twilight Series, she asked me who I like better: Edward or Jacob. Of course, I said Edward! LOL!

She was so happy I chose Edward that she almost didn’t stop talking! haha. I wish I know her personally, I still think about that girl from time to time.

Recent Encounter

Aside from her, another woman in her 50-ish called a few days ago and talked to me about life. Asked me if I have a kid of my own and told me life can be miserable at times when the kids grow up.

I couldn’t stop laughing at all the real-talk I received from her. 😀

She even said, “trust me, one day, you’ll say, ‘Oh that crazy woman on the phone was right!'” I wished I could laugh out loud but you know you have to make that professional laugh, right? haha!

I’ve talked to thousands of US customers already during my 9 years of work as a customer service representative from 4 different companies but I could only think of a few people that I’ll never forget. These customers make me smile every time I remember them.

When taking calls, part of your job is to be mindful not to hurt your average handling time (AHT). You can’t stay on a call for as long as you want, it’ll hurt your overall metrics.

But honestly, I don’t mind sacrificing my AHT for customers like these. They can literally take away all the hurt you feel from the other customers who easy use the F-words as an adjective.

This is why I try to be very patient when calling customer service because I know exactly how they feel. I try to be kind and understanding to them. Believe me, we wish we can just magically do everything you want us to do, we would’ve done it in a snap. But unfortunately, that’s not how it works – there is a company policy that we also follow.

Be Kind – You Don’t Know How Much Impact it Can Do to Someone

To end this work drama I’m currently having, I want to say that it really pays to be kind to people. I can’t say I’m kind to everyone 100% because I have a nasty attitude of my own when I’m triggered.  But if a simple “how are you” and smile can brighten up someone’s day, how much more can a little chit-chat and catching up do?

Be kind and tender-hearted to one another, forgiving each other just as in Christ God forgave you. (Ephesians 4:32)

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  1. I feel you because I also worked in BPO before and I don't know how I also survived those years. Pero ikaw 9 years, wow! 1/4 mabait and 3/4 irate customers yata, well hindi namna sila tatawag kung wala problem kaya madalas masungit. hehehe!

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