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“Slight” Life Changes

“Slight” Life Changes

Two days ago, my sister left to go back home for good. She stayed with me for 4 years as I help her with her studies. Now that she’s graduated, she’s ready for another challenge life has to offer her.

Finally a graduate!

I am happy for her for many reasons. To name a few, I’m happy because she did not just graduate, she also got an award for the Best Business plan. I’m happy because, at 27, she’s still single. Not that I regret that I married at 22, I’m just happy for her.

She arrived here around April of 2014, just a few weeks before I gave birth to Nate so she was a big to Dane and me while we were in the hospital. She’s with Nate since the day he was born. Now that her schooling is done, it’s time to part ways.

Tough sisters love

Beb and I were never really sweet, you won’t hear us saying “I love you” or hugging often. Nababaduyan kami, lol! But we know that we care for and that we love each other and that’s enough for us.

Us during Baccalaureate when Beb and her group mates were awarded Best in Business Plan

During the time that she was with us, we had several arguments and confrontations but we are glad we made through all of those together and still strong.

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Life away from family

I have been living away from my family since I was 17 so to have her with me for 4 years was something I will always treasure. Beb is different, she has a strong…really strong personality, lol!

Hindi nagpapatalo, at mabilis magalit. But she’s the prettiest so it’s good that she has some weak points, haha! Joke lang.

“Slight” Life Changes

Anyway, the house is so much quieter now. Only Nate is the one making noises (and my occasional scolding, lol) and it’s unusual for me to have just a few people at home. Right now, it’s just me and my mother-in-law plus Nate. Before there were 4 adults in this house.

I’m thankful that my mother-in-law is still staying with us but I’ll surely be missing my sister too.

Nonetheless, I am thankful for the 4 years of memories that we have together. She’s always there when I needed help with Nate.

Lay, to your plans and future endeavors, may God bless you always. I am praying that you will continue to seek God no matter what life brings. Be strong and courageous. See you next time. I love you! (eww, haha. Joke lang!) 

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  1. Congrats to both of you! Nakapagpatapos ka na ng college. 🙂 Well, I want a quiet home naman, kaso ngayon na bakasyon anak ko. Maingay ang paligid kasi lagi bukas ang TV at may nagsasabi na "Mommy, I'm bored" for the nth time.

  2. Congrats momshie! Aww… I can somehow relate, kasama ko sa bahay namin yong mga kapatid ko, the other one was already in Malaysia and now isang sister nalang. Nakakahomesick daw, namimiss nila pamangkin nila. Iba parin talaga pag marami sa bahay 🙂 Tingin ko, kailangan mo na pagbigayan si Nate ng kapatid. hehe!

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