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Enjoying Life’s Little Surprises

Enjoying Life's Little Surprises

Surprises can make us either overjoyed or completely unhappy, depending on how it is said and what the surprise is.

But little surprises from my little boy are always wonderful for me. To name a few

1. He gave me flowers on Valentine’s day for the second year in a row now.

2. Out of the blue, he would say “I love you” and hug me.

3. Says sweet words like, “I miss Papa”, or “I love taking care of you” (ansabe ng 3yr-old sa ‘taking care of you’, lol!)

My little surprises from this young man are not always sweet. They can be really funny at times. Just like the other day when he this:

Enjoying Life's Little Surprises


They’re incredible!

This is why every little moment with our little ones counts.

And I’m glad that we were invited for a little surprise last month during the Bambini Family Bootcamp.

Bambini Family Bootcamp

We went to Makati albeit the distance after Melisa and I were invited to be part of Bambini’s Family Bootcamp. The kids didn’t know what to expect and were extremely happy after they saw what the event had in store for them. They enjoyed all of it!

Enjoying Life's Little Surprises
In this corner, kids can enjoy coloring this giant coloring piece.
Enjoying Life's Little Surprises
You can tell that he’s happy, can’t you? 😀
Enjoying Life's Little Surprises

In this area, the kids solve a fun puzzle within a given time. Nate wanted to do it again after his turn!

The event was also joined by celebrity mom Iya Villania and her son, Primo – the new ambassadors for Baby Colognes. Iya talked about her experience as a first-time mom – the challenges, the joys and life’s little surprises for her. It was a day filled with fun games and activities.

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Enjoying Life's Little Surprises
Celeb mom Iya Villania and Primo Arellano during the Bambini Family Bootcamp

Contests and Games

We even had a contest – Nate is one of the participants. The game was about nursery rhymes where the host sings a popular nursery song and the kids answer the missing lyrics. Nate forgot the lyrics to one of the songs and didn’t win. Nevertheless, we were still happy as it was our first experience to join a contest. 🙂

Just the name Bambini already gives me a nostalgic feeling as it’s one of the brands I use when I was in High School. So I am glad to learn that they now have a new set of scents. The new Bambini collection comes in 5 different variants: Morning Tickles, Starry Lullaby, Ocean Kisses, Cotton Cuddles, and Sunny Playtime.

Check out the new Bambini colognes, now available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. Or check out Bambini’s Facebook page via https://www.facebook.com/BambiniBabyPh/.

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  1. Wow, I can't imagine na manganak ng 1000 kids. Naawa pa talaga si Nate sayo kaya 1 na lang. Paano kung girl yung sumunod Nate? Ano name? 🙂

  2. Kids’ little surprises can simply give us joy. I’d say we treasure every moment because, yeah! they grow up so fast…

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