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Parents Get Up (No Matter What)

Parents Get Up (No Matter What)

Last week was challenging for me. I was sick almost every day. I’m glad I am now healed and can go back to doing the things I love to do.

Sunday last week, I had dysmenorrhea around the time I was teaching Sunday School in our youth department. I haven’t had dysmenorrhea in a long time and the possible reason I had one that day was probably that I was 5 days delayed (which is another story as we thought I was pregnant, lol.).  Thankfully, the medicine did the trick and I was able to still teach.

A constant Migraine

The day after, I had a migraine that was treated after about 30 minutes of taking Advil. The following day, Tuesday, migraine decided it wasn’t done with me yet so I had another one and it was more painful this time. The medicine and lots of water intake didn’t work until about 45 minutes after. God is good, the pain was gone before my work started.

Wednesday was another challenging day for me as I had flu. You know when your cold is just starting, your throat feels itchy and painful at the same time? That’s exactly how I felt. I took lots of fluids, Vitamin C, ACV with honey and took lots of rest.

Thursday, I was still sick but the pain in the throat was gone. Friday, I was so much better and last Saturday, I made it to a Bambini event with Melisa and our kids.

(idinaannalangsakantaangsakit ng ulo)

Remembering Parenting Care

It’s not easy when we get sick. Talagang ‘pagyungkatawannatinangsumuko, mahihirapantayo. But what made me realize is this: parents like me will get up no matter how sick we are, hangga’t kaya natin. I never asked to go on leave when I was sick (well, first of all, it will be unpaid and I don’t want that, LOL). I still tried to do my best to spend time with Nate because he needed me but I was praying so hard na ‘di syamahawaandahilkagagalingnya lang din sasipon.
Gone are the days when we can go to our moms and ask for them to take care of us because we’re ill. I miss the times that my parents would watch over me when I have a fever. Skyflakes at Royal lang angkatapat at, tatabisananay, magalingnakinabukasan.
Ngayon, wala ng ganyan, we’re all grown-ups and most of us are on our own now. In fact, even if we want to, hindinaganunkadalingpuntahan mama natin para alagaantayo. Either they’re too far that we don’t see them often, and to some, their parents already pass away.

Now, it’s our turn

This is life’s reality. Time will come that we will no longer be near our parents and all we have left is the memory of how well they took care of us when we’re still living with them.
Now, it is our time to do it to our kids. And that is one of the reasons why we get up – every day. No matter how sick we are, no matter how hard it is, no matter how many problems we have. We get up. Because when we become parents, life’s not just about us anymore – it’s about the people we love.
But we are not alone – we have an omnipresent God who will guide us all throughout the day.
“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
Philippians 4:13

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  1. When I was young, I don't want to get sick because I don't have a mom who will take care of me. Now, I'm glad that I have my two boys beside me when I'm sick. I feel you, iba pag nanay ang may sakit kahit masama pakiramdam, babangon lalo pa wala naman ibang mag-aasikaso. There were times na absent anak ko nung preschool because I'm sick, hindi ko siya mahatid at masundo sa school.

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