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This Blog is Done Hibernating :)

This Blog is Done Hibernating :)

Hello, hello! 🙂

I am sad right now because Dane just left to KSA but I don’t wanna dwell on the feeling of loneliness, hence, the blog. haha.

Finally, I’m back! Ok, not that many cares, but I have so many stories to tell! Can’t wait to start writing about them soon! 🙂

I don’t know if this blog has a frequent reader aside from me (lol) but if anyone noticed, I have been on and off blogging since late last year. For so many reasons, of course, but the #1 reason for it is my dearest Dane. He went home and I wanted to make the most out of his vacation. So if that means putting blogging aside to make more time for my husband, I would gladly do it.

Hometown Stay

Another reason for this was our 2-week visit to my hometown in Tagum City back in December – it was joyous and Nate and I were both glad to be able to reunite with our family. Nate rode a Carabao for the first time and was so happy. He got to ride on his uncle’s and lolo’s motorcycles and he felt like a pro, lol! Most of all, he got a glimpse of our simple life in the province.

Dane’s motherland visit

After our hometown visit, we reunited with Dane before the year ended and we got to celebrate New Year together! Nate and I were also able to visit Dane’s hometown – it was our first time in Matlang, Isabel, Leyte. It’s a small and peaceful town and it’s near the beach! I love it there. Well, except for the fact that the internet connection isn’t that stable yet.

My WiFi connection with Globe wouldn’t work there. Unfortunately, they don’t have the plan available in the area yet but who knows, maybe two or three years from now, they’ll have one already. Dane and I are considering living there for good. We are giving it to God for now. If it is His will, I strongly believe it will happen.

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Hong Kong Trip

By God’s grace, we were also able to visit Hong Kong as a family! It was an unforgettable experience for all of us, especially for me, since it’s my first time abroad. We stayed there for a week, it was utterly cold when we were there but we still enjoyed our trip. I will surely write about our experience soon!

Oh, I have so many kwento! (Charot, ang arte, haha!).


Pero, before anything else, I have to figure out how to retrieve all our photos first because guess what, the memory card got CORRUPTED! Huhu! I don’t even want to think about it. Take note, those photos were not backed up! If not for the few photos we shared online and a number of shots I took using my phone, we are left with nothing. So I pray to God that I’ll be able to retrieve the file, huhu.

If any of you knows how to retrieve files from a corrupt micro SD, please let me know.

For now, I will say, talk to you soon!

Oh, I miss this blog. ♥

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  1. Love getaways and family time! Welcome back to the online world. hhaha

    About the SD card. My husband was able to help his colleague years ago on how to retrieve files from his corrupted SD card. He had to search online for some answers, but there were apps to be downloaded to fix it. That was years ago. I'm sure there's a better workaround now somehow. =)

  2. Welcome back! Sarap sa HK noh kasi malamig pa. Sad naman what happened to SD card, kaya ako super upload lagi ng pix para may back-up lagi just in case. I hope maretrieve mo pa photos mo, sayang pictures.

  3. HK is one on my travel goals for the kids too! Si Nate ang saya saya! Ang alam ko pwede ka magtanong sa mga shops ng SD Card kung paano maretrieve mga photos or even sa mga camera shops. Try mu. Sana maretrieve mu pa.

  4. Oo nga, sana talaga. I have asked sa isang repair shop in Ever, he said it's possible na maretrieve pero no guarantee daw kasi malaking file 64 gb. And whether maretrieve or not, magbabayad ako ng 1500, so maghahanap pa ako ng 2nd opinion (parang doctor lang, haha).

  5. Never been to HK pero I would love to go there, kelangan ko na talagang ipaayos passport namin ni baby. It's really nice to see na nagbobond kayo ng hubby mo ate, I grew up with my dad na nasa abroad most of the time so talagang kapag umuuwi siya we make the most out of it. Blogging is just there you can go back whenever you want to pero yung time sa fam mo, hindi na talaga maibabalik yun. Sana maretrieve mo yung photos sis.

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