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My Miniso Mongkok, Erm, Haul (?)

My Miniso Mongkok, Erm, Haul (?)

Our trip to Hong Kong was great! It was too cold but we all had a great time. It was just the three of us there, unlike here at home where we live with other family members, so it’s nice to be able to have that time when it’s just us and no one else.

We stayed in Mongkok for 6 days and since it was a budgeted trip, we only eat out during lunchtime. I mentioned budget because it has something to do with our purchases and this “so-called” haul. Lol.

During our last day in HK, Dane and I decided to just take a walk outside the area where we stay to dine and look for something we can buy. We bought a few items from other stores as “pasalubong” for our family, then we saw Miniso and we decided to drop by.

Miniso is just too enticing, napaka-cute ng mga displays nila. Not only that, I’ve never visited any Miniso branches here in the PH yet (walang malapit sa amin at wala naman akong planong sadyain sya, maybe next time) so we checked their store in Mongkok.

I got a few items, actually, just 4, kaya nag-aalangan akong tawagin ‘tong haul, lol! Since this is my first time abroad, all I can say is, I get stressed when I convert the prices! My goodness, where’s the justice, bakit ang liit ng pera natin kumpara sa kanila? Not that I don’t know the answer but times like this, you can’t help but envy countries like Hong Kong, SG, US, UK and more, no? So I was converting on Day 1 but stopped doing it the following day! haha!

I don’t want to spend more than our budget so I only got a few items. I just want to have a souvenir so I bought the things that I could afford. 🙂

Pink Panther make up sponge and brush – HKD 19.90
I got this ‘coz it’s cute and cheap. *spell kuripot*
Also because I want another makeup sponge.

Eyebrow trimmer – HKD 19.95
Because kilay is life and I didn’t have time to pluck my brows at ang kapal nya na din talaga. So eyebrow trimmer to the rescue, lol!

3 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil + Eyebrow Powder + Eyebrow Gel $19.95
I love this product! Too bad I didn’t check the color, it’s black but I’m still using it. I’ll try to find this here, I’m guessing meron nito sa store nila dito sa PH when I run out of stock. It’s great for people like me who can’t perfect the art of doing kilay is life, it’s easy to use.

5 piece manicure set – HKD 19.95
We bought this because our nails need trimming plus the tweezers for the eyebrow again! haha.

Nate’s puppy toy – HKD 29.90
Nate is afraid of dogs for some reason so we wanted for him to overcome that fear. He loves this toy but he’s still afraid of dogs. It’s ok, I’m hoping he will be able to overcome it one day.

I might visit a Miniso branch here in the PH one day, what’s good about these stores for me, is they have really cute items. They’re all so kawaii, most of them you can use to decorate your homes, some can even be used during topic events. So yeah, these are a few of my purchases in Miniso Mongkok in HK. 🙂

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  1. Sa Miniso HK ka pa talaga namili. I'm lucky because there are two Miniso that is near in our place. Minsan kahit wala ka bibilhin, napapabili ka talaga kasi you find it cute. Tempting masyado sa budget.

  2. Wow Miniso! Haul pa din yan gaw, kahit 1 lang ang nabili mo lols. Anyway, ang cute nung dog ni Nate. Si Cloud naman hindi takot, ang mommy ang takot sa dog hahaha. Anyway, naintriga ako sa eyebrow pencil mo, kamusta naman? Miss you!

  3. Haha! Bakit ka takot sa aso, gaw? Meron ka ba experience sa aso na di maganda! Bet na bet ko yung eyebrow pencil gaw. Too bad lang, black yung nabili ko. Epic fail! lol.

  4. I was introduced to Miniso by friends who've first seen it in Malaysia and SG. I love their eau de toilette's and I basically love them. I'm so happy to find one at the mall where my kid will take voice lessons hahaha

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