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Most Common Mistakes When Caring for Your Classic Car

Most Common Mistakes When Caring for Your Classic Car
A classic car you take to shows requires tender loving care. You do not want to leave it out in the open or have it sitting in your garage unprotected. Invest in a car storage bubble so that contaminants never make contact with the surface. You also want to avoid the following mistakes when performing maintenance on such an expensive, delicate vehicle.

Failing to Take Into Consideration Restoration and Repair Costs When You Buy

In addition to taking into account the initial price of the car, you need to look into what it will cost to maintain it over the years. Depending on the make, model and year, standard maintenance could cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars annually to tens of thousands. You also want to consider how much it will cost to transport your classic car to shows around the state. Additionally, look into what insurance premiums and deductibles will be for your car before making a purchase.

Cleaning Leather the Wrong Way

Cushy leather is a desired feature in many older vehicles. Never use water on leather, and always remove grime and dirt before applying a commercial leather cleaner. This substance will seal in contaminants, so vacuum the seats before wiping them down. You also want to use the right cleaner for the precise type of leather your car has. Aniline leather will require something different than the pigmented variety.

Not Investing in Paint Protection

When you give your classic car a fresh coat of paint, the first thing you want to do is keep it pristine. Keep it covered using indoor or outdoor car storage when it is not in use and you are not working on it. Wash and wax your vehicle for a glossier aesthetic. You just need to make sure you do not do this work when it is sunny and bright out.

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