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Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex

Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex

Tagum City is the home of the Davao City Provincial Capitol and the Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex (formerly named Davao Sports Complex which was torn by the fire in 2003). Since the place is just about a few hours away from where our relatives live, I made sure that Nate gets to see the sports complex.

Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex (DNSTC) is the largest sports complex in the Davao region. It is also the home of Davao Aguilas Football Club (the team of the Younghusband sibs). Palarong Pambansa 2015 also happened in DavNor sports complex.

The last time we were in Tagum before this visit, the place was not yet available to the public since the construction was still going on. Gladly, it is now open. One weekday after work, I invited my siblings to accompany us in visiting the area.

There is an entrance fee of either 10 or 15 pesos per person to the sports complex. The place is nice, big, clean and well-maintained. It was quiet when we got there so it felt like the entire place was for us to enjoy! Nate liked every corner of the sports complex, he even finished running around the oval in the grandstand (way to go, Nate!).

I, on the other hand, fell asleep while lying on one of the benches on the tennis court! Lol! Well, I was fresh from an 8-hour night shift before going there that’s why! Wait, why am I explaining? 😀

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DavNor Sports Complex has the following areas:

1. RDR Gymnasium
2. Tennis Court
3. Main Grandstand (facing the track oval & football court)
4. Football Court
5. Clubhouse
6.  Olympic size pools with grandstand
7. Archery Range

Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex Tennis Court


The other side of the tennis court 😉


Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex Main Grandstand


The area for the Olympic size pool with its own grandstand + clubhouse (right side)


The little guy just completed running the entire oval in this photo.

The entire time we were there (the entire time I was awake that is), I kept thinking: “Dane would’ve enjoyed this place”. Sadly, he didn’t make it in Tagum City because of his late flight ticket going back here but I’m confident that one day, we’ll visit the sports complex again as a family.

Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex is located in Davao del Norte Sports & Tourism Complex, Capitol Circumferential Rd, Tagum City, 8100 Davao del Norte. When there, don’t miss visiting the Davao del Norte Provincial Capitol as well, located right in front of the Sports Complex.

Davao del Norte Provincial Capitol


21 Replies to “Davao del Norte Sports and Tourism Complex”

  1. That is a nice Sports Complex, how I wish we also have that one in our province. For sure, sisipagin na ko tumakbo. Ang galing naman ni Nate, naikot niya yang oval.

  2. Hi Nilyn! Are you also from Mindanao? Coz I am. 🙂 But I've never been to Tagum. That's a nice sports complex–ang laki!!! My son plays football, and his team is also known as Agila but without the "ü", hehe.

  3. Davao is one of the places i love to visit. I find the place clean and peaceful. I find the people disciplined as well. Your sports complex is so malaki. Sarap tumakbo. And ang linis. Pwedeng higaan 😁😁

  4. Iba talaga ang stamina mg kids. Same here, basketball court lang din malapit sa amin. Ayaw ko tumakbo sa neighborhood namin at baka may makasalubong ko na aso. hehehe!

  5. Wow! Davao is one of the place that I would really love to visit soon. It's so clean and the people are very disciplined. I wanted to run as well but I can't because Edmund was really clingy right now.

  6. tagum's sports complex looks nice. Nakakatuwa that the LGU are doing something for the benefit of the people. Sarap siguro magexercise dyan.

  7. Oo, malaki sya! Nakakatuwa! Nakita ko nga sa ibang blog posts mo that your son plays football. Gusto din yan ni hubby ko for Nate. We'll see kung makakahiligan ng bata. lol.

  8. Medyo layo ni sya sa malls (nccc, gaisano, etc) pero minimum gihapon plete gikan didto. Paingon na ni sya sa Pagsabangan dapit. hehe. Mga 3-5 kms siguro gikan sa city proper. hehe. Ingna lang mga tricycle drivers, hatod ka nila didto. 🙂

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