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Why Amber Necklaces Work on Teething Babies

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Have you heard about amber teething necklaces? I have back when Nate was still a baby. There was this YouTube vlogger that I used to follow and she was saying so many good things about the amber teething necklace. In fact, she has many videos with her son wearing the teething necklace before when the baby was teething. I was planning on getting one for Nate but at that time, I just didn’t know where I could get one.
All we want as mothers are to make our babies feel better when they are in pain. Even though science has debunked myths that teething is painful, many medical professionals continue to stand by parents who know their baby is having trouble with their first few teeth

Dr. Greene, a pediatrician, author and keynote speaker states, “The teeth (or tooth) that cause the most pain varies from child to child. It is often the first tooth that causes the most discomfort – or those big molars when they arrive. For many babies, working on several teeth at once is the worst.” With a baby who is all of a sudden fussy, screaming, and not wanting to eat only to see a tooth break through the gum a couple of days later, it’s hard not to attribute the change in attitude to teething. 
Most common teething remedies don’t work or aren’t best for baby, such as over-the-counter medications. This is especially true for parents who want natural teething remedies. Rubbing the gums, or placing a cold compress on the gums usually doesn’t help for long. This only leaves parents frustrated and miserable because their baby is back to feeling horrible. This is why many parents have turned to amber necklaces for their teething babies. 
About Baltic Amber Necklaces
Baltic Amber necklaces are a natural teething remedy for babies. Amber has been used as a treatment for many ailments in Europe for centuries, such as reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, and healing wounds. These benefits of using amber help babies with inflammation and wounds from teeth that poke through the gums. 
Baltic amber necklaces are meant to be worn around the neck of the baby. Since amber is a fossilized resin, it is warm to the touch. This warmth causes oils to seep out onto the skin. The oil enters the bloodstream through the skin and repairs the stress teething causes in a baby’s body. 
Effectiveness of Baltic Amber Necklaces 
Many parents swear by the effects of Baltic Amber teething necklaces. They find that a day or two after their baby starts wearing it, the fussiness, fever, and other symptoms subside. In addition to calming teething symptoms, amber necklaces help with other illnesses. 
Children in the Far East and Europe have traditionally used amber necklaces to calm upset stomachaches, earaches, fevers, and colds. 
Allopathic medicine practitioners recommend the amber necklaces for their expectorant, antispasmodic, and calmative healing properties as well. 
Chewing and Sleeping with Amber Teething Necklaces
A Baltic Amber necklaces are not meant to be chewed or sucked on while your baby is wearing. The necklaces can be used once babies turn 8 weeks old and they can continue to wear them for as long as necessary. Most babies are so young when they start to wear it that they don’t notice it around their neck, so the chances of them trying to chew and suck on it are slim. The lightweight nature of the necklace keeps babies from even feeling that it’s around their neck. 
Since babies have a natural tendency to explore with their mouth and chewing on something can massage the gums, parents can use a teething ring in addition to the necklace. This will help keep baby from trying to chew on things that may be harmful. 
The amber necklace works best when it has constant contact with the skin. Instead of removing the necklace at night, it’s best to place it around the baby’s wrist or ankle. This prevents the necklace from choking baby and it helps keep the natural healing properties constant throughout the night. 
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Baltic Wonder offers a variety of authentic Baltic Amber necklaces to parents and their babies to help them through the difficult time of teething. The amber beads are sourced from Lithuania, a country highly regarded as the worldwide leaders in quality amber. 
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  1. We need these! My son has eight teeth already but of course there will be a lot more coming. He bites while breastfeeding usually when he's teething. I wish these were available locally.

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