Things I Look Forward to This Month

Hello, hello!

Tingnan mo naman, another year is about to end and soon enough we’ll all be saying hello to another year again!

I’ve said it so many times, I will say it again: time flies!

December is unarguably the busiest month for many of us. Back to back handaan, gastos, gift-giving and all that stuff. The first week of this month is still like the ordinary days for us, except my mini-reunion with my lovely blogger friends last Tuesday. But there are a few main events I’m looking forward this month.

Our mini-reunion: Mommy bloggers Momi Berlin, Mhaan, Madz and Melisa

This month, our church will celebrate its annual Thanksgiving day and it’s one of the major events in the church. There are plannings and a bunch of preparations happening already but the actual Thanksgiving day will not be until the 17th of this month.

Lots of flying
We’ll have quite a few flights booked for this month. It’s been about two years since Nate last flew on a plane so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these flights will turn out good (please, please, please, Nate, no screaming and crying on board, lol!).

The day after our Thanksgiving day, we’ll be in Tagum for almost two weeks. Then we’ll be visiting Leyte after. It’ll be Nate and I’s first time in Dane’s hometown so I’m excited about that as well.

Birthdays and other significant dates
Oh, how can I forget! We’ll be 5 years married on the 12th, 9 years and 2 months together on the 17th, Dane will turn 30 on the 23rd and I’ll be 29 on the 28th! Wow, that’s a lot of dates. All those though, will be celebrated without Dane again. But that’s fine, we’re not used to big celebrations anyway. Maybe just a small outing with the family will do. That’s what I’m planning to do on the 23rd, Dane’s 30th birthday. ♥

Reunions! ♥♥♥
Along with lots of flying comes reunions with families and friends. I’ll be with my family again, the last time we were home was in 2015. We’ll be complete again this time. It’s been a while since we’re together as a complete family (I’m talking about 5 years or even more). So I can’t wait for us to finally be complete.

I’m also planning to meet with a few of my friends and former classmates while there so here’s hoping everything goes as planned. 😀

Since we’re going to Leyte, Nate and I will also be meeting my in-laws there. We’ll be there for about a week so that’s something I’m excited about also. Not to mention the beaches we’ll visit while there. Kalanggaman, we’re coming! haha. Hoping the weather will be good so we won’t have any problems.

Pero above all these, the very important reunion I’m soooo (like I can’t even explain, lol) excited about is Dane’s homecoming! Woooh! My heart pounds faster just by typing this, haha. I’m being OA already but every day, I get more and more excited! Before the month ends, Dane will be coming home and we’ll be together again, finally after two years and 3 months! He’ll be with us for more than a month and then will be back to KSA again. It’ll be bittersweet but we’ll just make the most out of the time we have.

So yeah, these are the major things I am excited about this month. It will be a very busy month for us, especially the last two weeks but it’ll be a blast also. Bring it on, December!

How about you, how’s your December so far? What’s on your list of activities this month?

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  1. Wow, mukhang busy ang December mo. I'm not busy this month since wala naman kami gaano alis, wala na VL hubby ko. hehehe! I'll wait for your Kalanggaman post, bucket list ko yan e. 🙂

  2. You are so right about December being a busy month. We don't attend a lot of reunions anymore but there are still other activities we need to attend to. Christmas is my favorite holiday though so that it itself is something I look forward to. 🙂

  3. Ang bilis talaga. December na. =) Ako naman, I can't wait for December to end. I feel like starting fresh na. I wanna start the new year. hahaha Reunions. Lately, naeexcite din ako sa reunions. It's an opportunity to meet relatives and share God's love to them. =)

  4. I could feel your excitement. Seeing friends and classmates is.indeed thrilling. Meeting your inlaws is another story and so is visiting beaches. I always find beaches in the province a lot exciting than sweimming pools in the city.

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