WAHM Goes Places

From North to South ♥

After two years of not seeing my family in person, Nate and I are finally here in the Southern part of the Philippines, all the way from the North (San Mateo) to reunite with them for the holiday!

That’s the happy part. 🙂

The sad part is, Davao del Norte is affected by Typhoon Vinta. So we’re just here enjoying the bed weather. I do hope though na mawala na agad ang bagyo, para naman matuloy ang plano naming makapag swimming sa beach. 🙂

Pero in case hindi naman, I’m sure we’ll find another way to bond. Dane was supposed to be here with us, unfortunately, he didn’t make it on time. He won’t be home until the end of the month so forfeited ang ticket nya (buti nalang at promo fare lang ito, lol).

I’m happy to see our relatives again. Nothing extra special happened, wala nga akong dalang pasalubong e, haha. Pasensya na, this is a budgeted trip, lol. Mas importante naman to see your loved ones again after all (haha, alibi!).

The rest of the month is gonna be a busy one for us. So wherever you are right now, I’ll greet you in advance – happy holidays and have a bountiful 2018 to all of us! ♥

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