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FIVE Bittersweet Married Years

I’m definitely not letting this day pass without writing a post about Dane and I’s 5th wedding anniversary. Haha. Oh, it feels like it was just yesterday…

Call me sentimental but today’s the third time Dane and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary away. It’s sad when I think of it but hey, this is just a date or a celebration we can always postpone and celebrate the by the time we reunite. So I’m not gonna dwell on the loneliness anymore, I’m just gonna thank God for His goodness to us throughout this five years as a married couple.

Since the day we got married, we both can agree that God has blessed us even more. He was always faithful to us even if most of the time we were not. He alone is worthy to be praised, without His guidance and our loyalty to each other, we’d never come this far.

Our first year was lovely. I can say we fancied our honeymoon stage. We were able to enjoy life as a married couple without people judging and saying nasty things about us. We lived happily and even up to now, we still miss the times when there were just the two of us at home. Eight months after marriage, God gave us the wonderful gift of life through Nate and we were all excited to welcome him to the family. Sino ba namang ‘di maeexcite e unang anak, unang pamangkin at unang apo on both sides, haha. 

With our officiating minister, Ptr. Norsie Lanzaderas

Our second year together was filled with lows and highs with Nate joining the fun. We were both tired, stressed and clueless as first-time parents. There were times that we would fight as to who would take care of the baby and all. For a few months, I really thought I had postpartum depression. I would stare at the wall and think about a lot of things. I felt I’m not doing enough and I’d ask myself “what have I gotten myself into?” There were times I’d tell Dane that I wanted out of the relationship because we were just arguing almost every day.

Don’t get me wrong, Nate was such a sweet little baby and was definitely a bundle of joy, but we were just two human beings who get tired and need some rest. It wasn’t easy, I’m not even ready to go back to that situation yet.

Our third year together was still a challenging one but with Nate learning more and more things each day, things slowly became a lot easier to manage. For the past three years of our life as a married couple, we did nothing but move – from Payatas to Pasig, to Commonwealth, to Batasan Hills, now, here in Rizal. This the longest we’ve had so far.

Our fourth year together was tough, there were lots of crying, missing moments, tiring days, sleepless nights since we both work at night. This was the year he left to work in KSA. With me left alone with family and Nate, and the main person in charge of the house and a lot of minor decision-making, whew! I’m just so thankful I was able to transition.

Today, as we celebrate our fifth year with anticipation that more challenging times will come, I just want to thank God for all His goodness. It was definitely a tough and challenging five years but I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. Although not together, we are both excited as he’s coming home before the month ends. 

God is great – He gives us someone who is just perfect for us! I am grateful for the opportunity that He gives us and my prayer is that He will continue to help us stay focused on our dreams and plans for our family. I pray that He will continue to remind us to be firm in our commitment to each other.

To my love, Dane, happy 5th wedding anniversary! 
I miss you so much, see you soon, my love. 🙂

How long have you been with your life partner and what was your secret to staying together?

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